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Tips for Walking in the Heat

2 Oct , 2017  

With a week to go before my Macs Adventure: Classic Tuscany FAM trip I found myself doing what almost every person does before they go on holiday…check the weather! Opening Google I type in “Weather in Tuscany, Italy….” and await the page loading and I am already anticipating seeing a perfect line of matching Suns […]

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Green Travel: A Guide to Travelling Responsibly

26 Sep , 2017  

Most people are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and their local community in their daily lives. But, then, when it comes to planning a holiday, excitement and aspirations can get in the way of thinking about environmental responsibilities. Green travel can be a tough nut to crack, but with a few simple tips, […]


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10 Reasons to Take a Hike (All the Way Across England)

29 May , 2017  

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Why would anyone embark on a challenging walking adventure? And why on earth would you want to walk almost 200 miles on your holiday, when you could sit back and relax instead? These are some of the questions Macs Adventure customers may get asked by friends and family when booking one of our walking or cycling holidays. So […]

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5 Tips for Cycling in the Rain

21 Apr , 2017  

Cycling in the Rain | Macs Adventure

Like many of us in the Macs Adventure office, you might be feeling inspired by the upcoming Tour de Yorkshire. This is the year you will get out on the bike more often right? You’ve taken advantage of your company’s Cycle to Work scheme and invested in a new bike that you’re going to get the […]

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These Quick Training Tips Will Get You On Your (West Highland) Way

15 Mar , 2017  

Once you’ve committed to the challenge, the 96 miles of the West Highland Way can suddenly seem like a daunting prospect but don’t fret, the trail is non-technical, well way-marked, and very achievable for walkers of all levels. The key is to select the appropriate West Highland Way itinerary for you, taking into account your […]

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6 of the Best Free Cycling Apps

7 Mar , 2017  

If you own a bike, the chances are you’re also a fan of technology, gadgets or puncture repair kits. The world of bike-tech is moving fast: From the material used in the construction of the frame to E-bikes to the wearable technology and other accessories now flooding the market (see smart helmets), there’s plenty for […]

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How to Get Fit for a Walking Holiday in 2017

6 Jan , 2017  

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get fit – and offers an excellent way to enjoy a holiday with friends or family. If you are keen to book a walking holiday, or have a long distance trail planned, pledge to get a little fitter and enjoy more walking. Here we […]

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Motivational tips to stay active in the winter

8 Dec , 2016  

Walking, cycling and running are always easier in the spring and summer thanks to warmer and drier weather. But come the darker, damper and duller days of winter, it can be hard to motivate yourself to go outdoors. But staying indoors, out of the sunlight, for too long is not good for your health. For […]

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Discover the brain-boosting benefits of walking

27 Sep , 2016  

We’ve come across three new pieces of research that reveal how walking more, especially in the countryside, can change how we think and the way we use our brains. Walking boosts positive well-being A recently published study in America has revealed how walking can bring about positive changes to the brain. While commonsense suggests that a […]

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Discover the Walk About Festival

30 Aug , 2016  

Nationwide walking organisation, The Ramblers, is encouraging more people to walk in September with their Walk About Britain Festival. The aim of the festival, from September 3 to 11, is to improve the nation’s health through walking and to show people that the best way to view Britain is on foot. Walkers can join events […]

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Nature isn’t a Luxury: It’s Essential

14 Aug , 2016  

John Muir Knew

Even the calmest and most level-headed people suffer from stress on occasion, and it is no wonder, as we live in quite a stressful world. The cardiovascular benefits of being active in nature are clear, but what are the effects of walking and cycling in an area of exquisite natural beauty on our brain?  The Reptilian […]

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Six reasons to support #WomenOutdoors week

12 Aug , 2016  

This week Britain is celebrating #WomenOutdoors Week. The BMC (British Mountaineering Council) is behind the campaign that aims to encourage more women to get involved in walking, mountaineering and climbing. Here are six great reasons to get involved. 1 Give support: Surveys show that women participate in all sport and physical activity less frequently than […]

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10-step guide to trail running holiday fitness

31 Mar , 2016  

A trail running holiday offers all kinds of benefits and rewards, including a great pace for exploring new places, achievement, invigoration, fitness and relaxation. Macs Adventure offer a number of trail running breaks and make the adventure more enjoyable by offering self-guiding information and luggage transfer between accommodations. The trips can be tailored to suit […]

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5 Reasons Why Trail Running is Good For You

16 Sep , 2015  

For many runners it is difficult to imagine swapping the pavement for a rugged trail. Some runners argue that it is inconceivable to have a serious training session on uneven and unmeasured trails where it is not possible to compare your efforts. Others are concerned about steep hills and rocky/undulating surfaces. And yet others just […]