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Iain Douglas

Areas of expertise: Product Executive

I grew up in a small village called Braidwood that sits atop the Scenic Clyde Valley in Lanarkshire. It’s really only known for one thing - a small idyllic duck pond surrounded by a dense forest. It may look pretty simple to the average passer-by but if you are prepared to go a bit off the beaten path you’ll discover a castle, rivers, bigger ponds, nature trails and an abundance of Alpacas (In farms unfortunately, not freely roaming!). As a child exploring the surrounding area, climbing trees, walking the dogs down nature trails, fishing, “bike rides” is where my passion for all things outdoors and adventures began!

Career wise I’ve done various jobs over the past 10 years from graphic design to stacking shelves in a supermarket but predominantly I worked in the pensions industry. Boring, right? I thought so to… so on my 27th birthday I decided enough was enough and set myself agoal that I would get fit and go travelling by the time I was 30. In July 2016, I achieved this goal with a month to spare – I had lost a huge amount of weight, quit my job and booked a solo one way ticket to Dubrovnik in Croatia with a view to just explore and wander the world for as long as I could. I had the most amazing time and you can see more information about it on my favourite adventure.

I returned back home in November to be with my girlfriend and when I started looking for a new job…I spotted Macs and it didn’t take long for me to realise that this is the type of company I wanted to work for and more importantly be a part of. I feel very fortunate to be a member of such a passionate and dedicated team that’s job is to essentially bring to life those unforgettable memories that you only get whilst travelling. You know the ones; the one’s that you’ll still be sharing years from now over a beer or wine at dinner, probably with your kids…and grand-kids.

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