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Lucy Torney: D&A Sales Specialist 

Areas of expertise: Adventure Sales Specialist

I grew up in Northern Ireland with parents who have always had a passion for travelling which meant that adventure has been engrained in me from an early age. Whether it was spending the summer driving around the West Coast of America, taking bus tours around Austria or spending our Easter Holidays on the slopes in Andorra, there’s always been something to look forward to. 

Throughout my school years, I always loved sports and keeping active, and was the captain of my school, county and national basketball teams and got to travel to places such as Italy to meet and play alongside others who shared the same passion. Alongside basketball, I played Gaelic, Netball, Tag rugby and did a lot of swimming (thanks to my Dad who had me going into the sea at every opportunity no matter how cold!). When I moved to Glasgow in 2012 for University, I was determined to stay active and try new things and was lucky enough to meet friends who shared my enthusiasm for fun, outdoor activities, such as hiking and running. 

I officially caught a major case of the travel bug when I graduated from University in 2015 and went inter-railing around Europe. I got to see some beautiful places, including ones I’d never even considered previously. Having started my career at Macs, I plan to continue exploring closer to home as well as further afield. I love going back to Ireland and my family’s holiday home in Portstewart in the North Coast (not far from the Giant’s Causeway!) and would love to spend more time visiting these beautiful sights. 

Some of my favourite things to do are going swimming, hiking and camping, so my goals this year include doing these as much as possible, as well as always being open to new experiences and meeting lots of new people along the way. 

As cheesy as it is, my love for adventure is summed up by a cute quote from Dr Seuss-

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”

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