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Minna Harshbarger

Areas of expertise: Product Executive

I grew up travelling a lot, being American/Swedish and growing up in Switzerland I was constantly travelling to see family members who are spread out all over the world this is where my love of travel began. Growing up in between so many different cultures was fantastic, it allowed me to grow up bilingually and Switzerland being in the centre of Europe you were never far from a different language, culture and adventure.

Wanting to stay close to home but go to university in an English speaking country I moved to Scotland, and fell in love with Scotland. Once I was done with university I moved back to Switzerland and took some time off to backpack South America and work as a flight attendant for Swiss International Airlines. Travelling the world and getting paid to do so was a no brainer, being able to see little snapshots of countries all over the world was incredible, it was exhilarating and exhausting, but temporary fun for me. I missed Scotland, with its friendly people and wild landscapes and that is how I ended up at Macs Adventure. I joined Macs Adventure in April 2016 and am loving every minute of it! It’s great to work with a team who are as passionate about travel and the outdoors as I am.

I still spend a lot of time travelling home, and my next big trip is heading out to the Swedish archipelago with some of my friends where we are going to spend our days, fishing, swimming, hiking, picking blueberries and mushrooms and enjoying being away from civilisation. 

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