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M.A.C.S. Adventure Responsible Travel Policy

Macs Adventure helps you discover some of the most spectacular landscapes and communities of the world and we take responsible travel extremely seriously. Adventure holidays have positive and negative impacts on the environment and communities that it visits. Our M.A.C.S. Adventure Responsible Travel Policy endeavours to ensure that our operations have as many positive impacts as possible.

Minimise Impact & Maximise Benefit

Our operating policies, office policies, holidays and tours are all designed to minimise impact and maximise benefit to the environment and local communities. Some of the ways we achieve this include:

Action & Advocacy

We believe that by engaging our team and clients in environmental and community projects we can make a real difference. Our clients enjoy an authentic and rewarding holiday and can gain a real insight into the issues facing the local community and environment. Our team knows that they are appreciated and making a difference. And of course the projects we support raise their profile and benefit in numerous ways.

We support local environmental and community projects through financial contributions, staff volunteer programmes, a voluntary contribution scheme and raising awareness amongst our clients. We support and encourage our partners' projects where we can.

Carbon & Communities

Travel and our business activity does of course contribute to carbon output and climate change. We have put several policies in place to minimise our carbon footprint. The communities we work, live and travel in are so important to the quality of our life and by engaging with our own communities and those we visit we all benefit. Our holidays are designed to be low carbon. All are accessible by public transport, make minimum use of vehicles and we supply detailed information on accessing the start and end points of our adventures by public transport. Where flights are required we include details of appropriate carbon offset schemes and encourage our clients to offset international flights. We support community projects in the areas we operate and where possible make our clients aware of and encourage them to visit these projects. In our local community we are working towards recycling all of our office waste, and our staff have taken part in a consultation from local campaign "a better way to work," encouraging low environmental impact travel.

Sensitive & Sustainable

Macs Adventure has worked hard to ensure that our holidays are sensitive to the community you are visiting and sustainable over the long term.

We support our partners in the best responsible travel practices to ensure that our groups are sensitive to local customs and environmental issues. We supply detailed information packs to our independent and self-guided clients to ensure they are aware of and observe responsible travel practices and are aware of local customs. When planning a new tour we make sure the destination is managed sustainably and that our tours will have a net positive impact on the community and environment. Accommodation, partners and suppliers are supplied with our responsible travel policy and practices to ensure the entire supply chain is sustainable. We negotiate fair prices and build long term relationships with our local suppliers so they are able to retain expert staff, operate responsibly and prosper in the longer term.

We welcome any feedback on our M.A.C.S Responsible Travel Policy and if you have any great ideas on how we could do things better, local projects we could work with or would simply like to discuss further please do get in touch.

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