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We started our life offering a mix of guided and self guided trips. We then focused on creating self guided walking and cycling trips around the world, so you can explore the world at your own pace. However, some areas of the world need a little extra. To open up different parts of the world, sometimes we add a little guided element, or to get really out there, you might need a guide with you the whole way. 

Whatever trip style, your adventure has been put together by people who love to explore the world. They all have the same high standards of accommodation and carefully put together walking and cycling trails. 


Self Guided trips are the core of what we do here at Macs Adventure. The idea is to open up the world for people to discover as independently as possible. We deal with the logistics, book your accommodation, get your bags transferred, give you all the details you need to walk or cycle to your next location, but with none of the stress.  

There is no guide, no set time to get up and get going, no group to keep up with, just you and everything you need to make your trip a roaring success. 

We have created tours on some of the most iconic walking and cycling routes in the world for you to explore at your own pace.  Scotland's West Highland Way, the Alpine joy of the Tour du Mont Blanc or pilgrimages across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, are all available in this style.

Group Guided Walking

There are just some parts of the world where you have to have a guide. To get the very best out of some regions, it benefits you having a local guide to show the all the hidden spots and to give depth and history to the area you are travelling through. Sometimes you need a guide because the route is too wild to travel alone and sometimes they need to carry your home for the night on their backs. Whatever the reason, we provide small-group tours, so you have personal attention from your guide and always with as much independence built in as possible.  

We are proud to be able to open up parts of the world to active travellers, using our local, knowledgeable guides. The porters and guides who transport your packs along the Inca Trail are invaluable, your guide on the Laugevegur Trail in Iceland will keep you safe and share their knowledge of the wilderness with you.  And our people in Cambodia will keep you on the right road on our Slow Road to Angkor Wat trip, as well as guiding you around the famous temples. 


Private guiding is where we take our guided trips to the next level.  Our aim is to make every trip as personal and immersive as possible. We want you to get the absolute most out of your experience and on some of our trips we offer personal, private guides so that you have the experience of completing the journey with a trusted leader at your side. 

We can accommodate a variety of group sizes into our private guided trips. Whether you want to get a group together to get up to Everest Base Camp, or you want to go solo to reach Annapurna Sanctuary, we have got you covered. 


Drive and Hike is the best way to cover a long distance but squeeze in those unmissable highlights that you cant see through the window of your car.  On a drive and hike, we will set up all your accommodation along your route and give you a comprehensive set of route notes to discover the best hikes a particular country or region has to offer. This way you can see the untouristy side of a country, drive its backroads and hike up away from civilisation to see its wild heart. 

Discovering the real Scotland with a series of hikes along the famous North Coast 500 gets you to places so remote and beautiful, you couldn't soak in the country any better way. Or explore the expanse of the Canadian Rockies, driving through some of the worlds best scenery, but seeing more than everyone else, by getting out the car and wandering into that scenery. 


Rail and Hike is a celebration of some of the world's greatest rail lines. Just about anyone who has travelled will tell you that rail is their favourite mode of transport. There is something entirely relaxing about the steady rock of the train, lulling you into a meditative space where you can stare out the window and drink in the surroundings. Our trips go one better, with access to some amazing hikes along these famous rail routes, so you can mix the relaxing, with some solid hiking in wild spaces. 

The West Highland Line in Scotland is often pronounced the world's greatest train line.  Following the West Highland Way before joining the 'Hogwarts Express' up to Mallaig, hiking in its scenic beauty is a must. The Glacier Express glides through Alpine Switzerland at a snail's pace, allowing you to drink in the jaw-dropping scenery all around you. With hikes added in to explore Alpine valleys, you can fully explore this beautiful region.


Bike and Boat trips are another amazing way to cover a lot of ground in a relaxing, slow-paced way. On our guided Bike and Boat trips you will follow your guide for the day along a stretch of river or coastline as they show you not only the route, but all the history, local produce and hidden gems along the way. The guide will then lead you back to your boat, where you will sail through the night to your next location. 

The coastline of Croatia is dotted with islands and the best way to explore them is on a bike and boat trip. Our Croatian Island hopping trips allow our guides to lead you across one of these islands and to hop back onto your hotel at either end. You can take a luxurious cruise from Amsterdam to Bruges on the MS Magnifique, bringing the history and scenery of Holland and Belgium to life.


A self guided Bike and Boat trip runs in the same fashion as our guided trips, with a subtle difference. Rather than follow a guide each day from your floating hotel, we arm you with all the route notes, guidebooks and mobile apps you will need to follow the route each day, meeting up again with your boat at the end of the ride. Then as you relax over dinner and drinks, the boat will cruise on down the river to your next destination. 

These trips allow you to explore areas that thrive on the water, to delve into their relationship with the river or sea and uncover the beauty of them. The most popular cycling route in Europe can be explored this way.  You can go from Vienna to Budapest on the Danube Cycle Path, letting the river be your guide, or explore the waterways in northern Holland on our Dutch Southern Circuit trip. 


Sometimes an area is best explored by a variety of means.  Walking and Cycling gets you there, but to explore around that corner you might need to paddle a canoe or do a little snowshoeing.  Our multi-activity tours let you discover every detail possible in an area and perhaps learn some new skills while doing so.  Each trip has its own specialities, so it is best to check the itinerary and make sure that the activities you will be doing are right for you. 

Take time to explore the wilds of northern Sweden on our Swedish Lapland Northern Lights trip, where you can explore the area on snowshoes or alpine skis. Or perhaps getting up close to the extraordinary wildlife in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, by paddling around the coast in a canoe. 


Become a self-guided explorer and let us show you some of the parts that only the locals know. Our self guided explorer trips are basically just a variant of our self guided adventures. You will get the same great accommodation, luggage transfer and route notes, but occasionally a guide may be used for a day or two of your trip to really flesh out an area, or get you to see parts of it you would never have dreamed of before. 

For instance, when you go to Cotopaxi in Ecuador and hike on our Cotopaxi Trails, you are free to walk as you wish, at your own pace, however, on the first day, we will take you on a guided tour of Quito, to let you discover more of this amazing city. On the last day, we will arrange for a guide to take you up to the snowline on Cotopaxi itself, something we wouldn't recommend without a guide.  


Here at Macs Adventure, we can tailor-make anything for you. While we have taken great care to make sure that our trips are best suited to showing off a particular part of the world, we know that everyone is different and we exist to ensure that your trip is perfect for you. This could be something as simple as adding in extra nights on the Camino Frances to break up some long days or it could mean an entirely bespoke itinerary as you explore all that Morocco has to offer. 

Whatever the request, our Destination Specialists are more than happy to help customise any of our trips to suit your needs.  If there is something you would like tailored to you, then just get in touch at [email protected].

Book self-guided walking holidays and cycling holidays with Macs Adventure. Explore Europe, the UK and the rest of the world and find out why thousands of people trust us to arrange their perfect self-guided adventure.

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