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Travel Advice: Where can I travel after Covid-19?

Updated 20 July

With positive signs for travel opportunities ahead, it makes sense to start making firm plans if you want to travel in 2021 or 2022. We are experiencing high demand as many people book long-awaited adventures, and have already seen availability constraints on some of our most popular itineraries like Hadrian's Wall Path and the West Highland Way so we would advise booking as early as you can.

A lot of travellers are understandably looking for advice on when and where to travel, so we have summarised this here. Of course, we don't set the rules! We can only advise on what we know from the latest official government advice, and we would always recommend you check this for any destination you are considering. Any plans you do make are backed up by our peace of mind guarantee, so if you do need to make changes, you can do so free of charge!

Where can I travel?

Using the form below will also give you guidance about travelling to and from any destination, to help you make informed travel choices and prepare to begin your next adventure. Make sure your select your home destination, passport-type, dates, and vaccination status to find the most relevant links and information.


Traffic Light System

Travel to and from England is subject to a three tier traffic light system, with arrivals and departures into the rest of the UK following similar guidance. In all cases, you should expect to complete a passenger locator form, and the up to date traffic light rules can be found here (with links to variations for the UK home countries). In summary:

Green - Arrivals from green list countries are required to provide proof of a negative PCR test before arrival in England, and to take a PCR test within 2 days of arrival into the UK. This is regardless of vaccination status. See green list countries >

Amber -Arrival from amber list countries must provide proof of a negative PCR test before arrival in England and take a PCR test within 2 days of arrival into England. If not fully vaccinated, you must quarantine at home or where you are staying for 10 days after arriving in the UK, with PCR testing on day 2 and 8. If you are fully UK vaccinated, then you do not need to quarantine. See amber list countries >

Red - Arrivals from red list countries will be subject to red list measures which currently include managed hotel quarantine for 10 days after arriving in the UK, with PCR testing on day 2 and 8. You would be required to pay the costs of managed quarantine and testing. See red list countries >


Hospitality in England is open after restrictions eased further on 19th July to allow most hospitality and leisure businesses to operate close to normal, and we are welcoming UK travellers on our English adventures. See England's official latest government advice here >

If you plan to travel into England from overseas, the official information on entry is available here >


Hospitality businesses are open in Scotland (subject to some measures, for example restricted restaurant opening hours), and unrestricted travel is allowed from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland (subject to some local restrictions). Scotland is mostly at Tier 0 of restrictions levels. We are welcoming UK travellers on all Scottish trips already. See Scotland's restriction Tiers >

If you plan to travel into Scotland from overseas (outside the UK), current advice is available here >


Hospitality has re-opened in line with guidance for England & Wales, and we are welcoming UK travellers on Welsh adventures. Information on the current restriction levels is available here.

See the official guidance for Wales >

Northern Ireland

Hospitality in Northern Ireland opened on 24th May, along with a relaxation of the rules around travel into Northern Ireland from the common travel area which includes other parts of the UK (although there are still Covid-19 test requirements). A traffic light style system is now in place to allow travel between Northern Ireland and select green list countries.

See more about travel into Northern Ireland from the common travel area >

Check all the current rules here >

The Channel Islands

Jersey - From 28th May, passengers from mainland UK who have been fully vaccinated within the Common Travel Area will be allowed entry with a test on arrival, but must isolate until the test result (around 12 hours). A form must also be completed. See official guidance on travel to Jersey.

Guernsey - From 1st July, fully vaccinated travellers (more than 14 days since 2nd vaccination) from the common travel area (which includes the UK) will not need to quarantine or isolate, but will need to complete a tracker form. See official guidance on travel to Guernsey.

Travelling in Europe and Worldwide

For travel from the UK, the new Traffic Light System has been announced allowing international travel within selected destinations (official information here for residents of England, and links to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland's sources). The Foreign Travel Advice Website remains the best place for accurate information on restrictions.

Do remember our peace of mind guarantee does offer free changes, or free cancellation for any Covid-19 related reason, so you can plan ahead! We also have a range of UK adventures which might be ideal for a shorter term escape if you are based in the UK.

Find Out More

If you are considering a trip in 2021 (or even beyond), please do contact our team as early as possible in your planning process. Particularly in the UK, some destinations are getting extremely busy, and as we offer trips in remoter places with accommodation in characterful independently run hotels and guest-houses, there is finite availability.

Complete an enquiry form, or contact hello@macsadventure.com.

There is also more information about travel after the Covid-19 Pandemic here.

Our team are all specialists in different pieces of the adventure puzzle. Please get in touch if you want to book your next trip, or to talk to us about anything at all.

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