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Macs Adventure Values

Our Company Values are the core of why we do what we do and all team members should feel an affinity with our values and be prepared to engage with them throughout every aspect of their Life at Macs. 

Our Glasgow office is full of reminders of our core values, encouraging us all to follow them each and every day.




Being willing to take risks and try out new methods, ideas, and experiences can be tough. It doesn't always work out as expected and there are challenges along the way. But for us, there is no alternative. Following the well-trodden path is easy, but to have transformative experiences and achieve great things you must be adventurous. Being Adventurous means that we try innovative ways of doing things that are cheaper, better and faster. We seek out new experiences and challenges which improve our lives.




Young children are energetic, animated, spirited and full of energy. Their hands shoot up at the chance to be involved and participate. Life and travel are better when we stay active and involved. Staying active means that we are energetic, enterprising, sporty and spirited. We participate and are engaged in activities that are interesting: snowboarding, mountaineering, running, walking, kitesurfing or singing in a choir. It means being engaged and making a contribution to industry, community and environmental groups.




We really care about the quality of our work, the experience of our customers, the relationships we have and the impact we have on the world. You either give a shit or you don't: and we do. Giving a shit means that you really care about what you do. You take real care over the quality of your work and look out for every customer as if they were your own family. You are proud to do really good work that is the best you can, not just good enough. You realise that you have an opportunity to make an impact, not just punch a timecard.




A personal connection is what makes the difference. In a world of 7 billion+ people, what we do is all about the individual. We offer a personal service to each of our customers and we are open and honest about who we are. Each one of our team, partners and customers matters to us and we take personal responsibility for our actions. Our mugshots and personal contacts are on our website and all the correspondence we send out.




Fun can seem like a frivolous activity, but surely in a world full of bad news and serious things it is a noble cause. Laughter, happiness and smiles are precious commodities that we are committed to producing. Having fun means that you don't take yourself too seriously. A smile comes easily and a laugh quickly. You give off a positive energy and are a pleasure to work alongside, travel with and be around.




When you join our team, you learn to Give a Shit the Macs way. We Stay Active, on the lookout for people who know how to Have Fun and who understand our Personal and honest approach to doing things. Interested? Then we’d love to hear from you, even if we’re not hiring right now. Be Adventurous and send us an introductory email and your CV by clicking the link below, and start your Macs Adventure now…!


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