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Following Your Route, Step by Step

You should have already followed the basic steps to get the app and download your tours. These more advanced guidelines will help you to follow your route, customise your view and use some of the other features available on the app.

On a Desktop or Laptop: Before You Travel

You will be emailed a link to your "list" of tours on You can also search the lists for your tour.

On your computer, before you travel, you should read over each daily tour. On many tours you can also use the 3D Flight button on the map to enjoy a 3D fly through of the route - a great way to start visualising your adventure!


On the App: Preparing to Follow Your Route


Using the Details View


Apple iOS

Android_Details_Tab.JPG IOS-Details-Tab.JPG


Tour Information

Rate, Comment, Add Photo

  • To take a photo, click "Rate, comment, add photo" then the "Take a picture" button at any point during your trail to log a photo of a great view or memorable moment. (On an iPhone you may also have a step to click "Add a photo". Remember your photos taken through this function on the app will be available publicly.
  • After your day, or after returning from your trip, do Rate the trail or add any comments you think might be useful to future trail-goers. Maybe you found a hidden gem picnic spot, or advise extra time to take in an attraction. Comment here.

Share with Friends

  • The "Share with friends" tab allows you to share the trail on social media, or send the GPX track or a link to a friend by email.

Create Current Condition

  • "Create current condition" is a feature you could use to indicate, for example that the trail is particularly hot in the middle of the day in July. This could help others heading on the trail soon, or considering the right time of year, to prepare properly.
  • You can create a current condition at the time on the trail or in the evening after your day out on the trail by choosing either “Placing point on the map” or choosing “Use current location”.

  • Once you've pin-pointed the location enter the information about the condition as below. You can also add the weather at the time if relevant.  

Using the Map View


Apple iOS

screen-andriod-maptab.JPG screen-ios-maptab.JPG


Apple iOS

screen-android-crosshair.JPG screen-ios-crosshair.JPG

Customise Your View


Apple iOS

Android_Following_Route_Options.JPG IOS_Following_Route_Options.JPG

Our Tips & Troubleshooting

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We walk the walks and pedal the miles to ensure that our route notes are as accurate as possible, however paths and routes can (very occasionally) change without prior notice due to weather, maintenance works, or unanticipated situations beyond our control. Distances & times are intended as a guideline only, and may vary after any minor detours, or depending on the GPS device used. To give feedback email [email protected] or don’t hesitate to contact us on our office.


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