App FAQs

How do I see my itinerary details?

Navigate to the 'Trips' tab (the rucksack icon at the bottom of your screen).

Tap on your booking under the list of upcoming trips, and you can see your itinerary, maps, traveller information, price information, documentation, and more.

Once your trip is 'Confirmed', we suggest you download your trip  to save it on your phone (so that you don't need data coverage to look at your itinerary or maps).

This is very easy to do; simply tap the blue 'Download' button adjacent to your upcoming trip, and wait a few moments whilst the app downloads all the details for offline viewing.

Alternatively, to look at your itinerary on a computer screen (or print), log into your account on your browser to retrieve all of your booking documentation.

How do I save my maps to view offline?

Go to the 'Trips' tab (the rucksack icon on the bottom of the screen). Once your adventure is in 'Confirmed' status, a button will display to allow you to 'Download' your trip.

Make sure you are connected to a good wifi network, and tap this button. The download will take a short while as all the maps, at all the various zoom levels will be saved for offline use within the app.

Once the download is completed, your will see a confirmation message.

Navigate to the 'Maps' tab (the map icon in the bottom centre of the screen) and your map will now be saved here for offline use. You can put your phone onto “flight mode” to test this.

I've logged in but can't see my booking!

The app uses your email address to identify your booking record. If you’ve used social sign-in (such as Google, Apple, or Facebook) but that account does not share the same email address as the one you gave us when making your booking, you will need to log out and create an account with the same email you gave us when you booked. Make sure you have signed up for a Macs Adventure online account. Always use the same email address.

If you have found your booking but can't see your map, please contact us.

How do I navigate with the app?

Firstly, make sure that your device’s GPS is activated and that the Macs Adventure app has permission to track location enabled. You can check this in your device's settings.

Then, simply tab on the 'Maps' tab (the map icon in the bottom centre of the screen) and tap on the relevant map for your day's walk / cycle.

Tap on the map once again to expand the view.

Pinch / reverse pinch to zoom out or in to suit your preference, and follow your progress with the blue dot / arrow on the map.

To locate yourself at any point (helpful if you have scrolled away from the map), press the locator icon, which is the small white square with the dot in the centre on the bottom right of the map.

You will find yellow icons on the map to denote where your Macs-booked accommodation is located in relation to the trail; bear in mind this may not be directly at the start or end of a trail.

You may also see various blue icons on the map denoting selected waypoints or highlights along the trail. Tapping on these will reveal further information.

You will also find written route notes / guidance on the bottom section of the screen.

How do I navigate to my accommodation at the end of the walk/cycle?

Our walks generally start and end at a central point in town (tourist information, church, bus stop, etc.). The route to your accommodation is not included in the daily distance indication.

All your Macs-booked accommodation will appear on your map as a yellow icon, so you can see where you are staying in relation to the start and end of your planned walk / cycle.

Under the 'Trips' tab and then 'Itinerary' for the specific day, you will see your overnight accommodation listed with the name, address and check-in time. Tapping 'View Details' will bring up more information, including the option to 'Get Directions'. This will take you into the Mapbox online mapping tool to show you the most direct walking route. This may not be the best, or safest, option so please compare this with any specific instructions in your documents (sent to you by post, and available in the app from the 'Docs' tab within the Trip details screen).

Please be aware that this feature only works with an active mobile data connection.

I customised my trip and can't see daily maps

On some customised itineraries, you might only be able to see the "standard" set of maps for the tour. Don't worry, we will be in touch directly if you will need extra maps. A future release of the app will provide all customised daily maps automatically.

App video step-by-step

Watch this short video for an overview of how to navigate around the app itself to find all the information you need, and navigate on your trip!

My app isn't working

We always recommend you use the most up to date version of the app, and that your phone's operating system is up to date.

Make sure you check for any app updates by searching for "Macs Adventure" in Google Play or the App Store. Once you locate the app, see if it has an "update" option highlighted.

If the app is launching OK, but your navigation is not working, please check your phone's GPS is switched on, and that you have allowed the app permission to access your location. You can check this within your phone's settings.

The Macs Adventure app is currently supported on iOS 13.0 and higher / Android 5.0 and higher. The app is not supported for use on iPad or Android tablets.

I can't log in

If you're having issues logging in, make sure that:

  • Your smartphone is connected to the internet
  • You are using the same email address as that used to book your adventure
  • Make sure any social media account (eg Facebook or Google) you use to log in is linked to the same email address as that used to book your adventure

If you're still having problems, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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