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North American Survey 2017

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What You Said About Your Adventure Travels!

In 2017, we polled our North American clients about their adventure travel desires, dream destinations, and favorite activities. Here’s what we found:

What destination is next on your agenda?

Ireland was the most desired destination for your next adventures, with New Zealand, ItalyScotland  and Iceland  close behind in your top five. You're a diverse and adventurous bunch with global horizons!


Travel activities

While 50% of you are only interested in walking adventures, 27% of you have never been on a biking tour, but would like to try it out.


Dream trips

We asked you to share your idea of a dream vacation. Some of our favorite submissions included:

"Cruising the Mediterranean in a self-driven motorboat for a week."

"Finding a way to meet locals and absorb the culture, far from tour buses and cruise ships."

"My boyfriend is a cyclist and I love to walk. I'd like to spend two weeks touring around Spain, southern France and Italy, where he gets to ride his bike in the countryside and I get to walk around a new village every day and night. We’d stay on a boat, so we travel while we sleep and it's romantic and adventurous at the same time."

"I love building relationships and learning a person's story. I love staying in family owned inns and love to experience the food and drink of the regions that I am in."

"Several months in Italy, immersion language class, hiking, sightseeing and working at a vineyard."


What you expect from a tour operator

You value the service of your tour specialist and travel company above all else, but of course the range of tours available was very important as well. We were overwhelmed by generous comments like this one:

"Love your company! Your trips have changed my outlook on the world. Thank you!"


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