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Tour Styles and Themes

Are you a history buff, an avid bird watcher, or looking to escape to the sun? At Macs Adventure, we have a wide range of trips and are able to offer many different tour styles to suit your interests.

Perhaps you’d prefer a tour where you’re fully immersed in gourmet food and wine, history and culture, or a trip that’s family-friendly. Whatever your interests are, we’ll be able to build a unique vacation with the features you’re looking for. Contact one of our Destination & Adventure Specialists to share your ideas and build a unique experience with an itinerary suited for you.   

Our tour style icons should give you a better idea of what to expect on each trip. Our itineraries display the icons above the tour name in the Tour Finder. To read the tour style description, hover your mouse over the icon, or scroll through this page for a full description of our tour styles. 


walking.jpg Lace up your hiking boots as you embark on your walking tour. We offer a wide range of walking itineraries ranging from easy to strenuous.



 Explore Europe, North America, the UK and the world on two wheels.  Our range of cycling tours suit cyclists of all skill levels – from beginners to adventure enthusiasts looking for a challenge.


Camino_or_Pilgrimage.jpg Our Camino tours are more than just a walk – they’re all-encompassing experiences. What makes the Camino special is the fellow pilgrims you meet, the unique places you visit, the stories you share and the challenges you overcome.

Mountain Biking


 Looking for a challenge? We offer some of the best Mountain Biking itineraries in the world – our tours are made by Mountain Bikers, for Mountain Bikers.



 Are you an experienced hiker looking for a challenge?  Our tours offer some of the most challenging treks and climbs in the world. Get ready to put in physical work on tough (and rewarding) climbs, including the base camp of Mount Everest – leave the details to us. 

Drive & Hike

drive-and-hike.jpg  These tours include driving routes between walking locations. These tours are ideal if you want options for daily walks and you can pack as much as your car will fit!

Bike & Boat


 Our self-guided bike and boat tours are tailor-made for you by a local specialist. You will stay on a comfortable river barge – your floating hotel for the duration of the trip – which means no packing and unpacking because your lodging follows you along your cycle route!


multi-activity.jpg Get up close and personal with your destination as you participate in many activities including walking, climbing, cycling, and sea kayaking! Multi-activity tours are a great way to see all areas of a country – you’ll be entertained and on the move from start to finish.


self-guided.jpg A self-guided holiday gives you the flexibility to choose your traveling companions, preferred itinerary and travel dates. Set your own pace, and keep in mind that a self-guided holiday can't be beaten on value, experience and sense of achievement. 


private-guided.jpg Enjoy the benefits of a private-guided trip as you gain insight from a knowledgeable expert, hear personal stories and relax while you receive recommendations and support from your local guide. 

Small Group-Guided

small-group-guided.jpg Like our private tours, our small group-guided tours offer the expertise of a local guide. While touring in a small group, you can enjoy the guide's full attention, and they’ll be more than willing to show you around and answer all of your questions.


in-style.jpg For those who enjoy the finer things in life (or are celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary) we offer tours that feature luxurious accommodations, ranging from 4-star hotels and castles to beautiful guest houses. Enjoy a glass of wine by a roaring fire and indulge in gourmet food as you treat yourself to an in-style vacation.



 Looking to go on vacation with your children? We offer a wide range of family-friendly tours that feature fun, kid-friendly stops and distances that are more suitable for children.   

National Trail

national-trail.jpg Many of our trips are along the long distance National Trails in the UK that offer some of the best landscapes in the world.  The UK alone has 15 National Trails – why not start ticking them off your list?

Bird Watching

bird-watching.jpg Relax on our wide range of tours that offer peaceful and prolific bird watching.  From the Algarve in Portugal to the Scottish Islands, these range of tours are sure to engage any avid bird watcher.  


wildlife.jpg Get up close and personal with animals on our wildlife tours.  Encounter whales, dolphins and basking sharks in the sea or look up to watch eagles soaring overhead.


nature.jpg All of our tours offer stunning landscapes and seascapes on some of the best walking and hiking trails in the world.  Many of our tours are home to beautiful flora, fauna and foliage that’s sure to delight any nature-lover.  


history.jpg Several of our tours focus on the history of the country being visited.  Immerse yourself in this history as you embark on one of our tours that offers a World Heritage Site, or Location.  From Hadrian's Wall in England to the cities of Edinburgh and Florence, we offer many tours that are sure to meet any history buff's needs.


culture.jpg Our culture trips offer an immersion into new places, people, and landscapes.  Many of our tours await the cultural adventurer looking to dive into new and exciting sights and sounds.  


gourmet.jpg Nothing goes together quite like walking, wine and food. Our gourmet tours offer food, wine and activity vacations that showcase the best food and drink of the region that you’re in.



 Some of our tours are in countries known for their wine. Would you like to bike through a vineyard?  How about stay in one? For all of you wine connoisseurs, our wine tours are sure to be an unforgettable trip.    


photography.jpg Although all of our tours offer spectacular views, landscapes and stunning scenery, there are particular trips that photographers are sure to get the spectacular shots that they’re looking for.


video.jpg Our Destination & Adventure Specialists have traveled all over to experience the countries and regions of the tours that we offer. We’re proud to have video footage on many of our tours and we hope that you enjoy viewing a glimpse of what to expect on your vacation.  


 tailormade.jpgAs a tailor-made tour operator, we have the ability to organize your tour to best suit your time and interests.  We customize your start date and trip duration to make sure everything works for you. Our Destination & Adventure Specialists are experts in listening to your ideas and building your next adventure.

Special Interest

special-interest.jpg Are you a whisky enthusiast? Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights?  With our wide range of tours, we cater to many special interests, like archaeology and geology – among others. 


sunshine.jpg We can all benefit from a little extra Vitamin D. You simply can’t beat a day hiking or cycling with the sun shining down on your face.  We offer tours year-round that will allow you to escape the winter blues and soak in some extra sunshine.   

Book self-guided walking tours and biking tours with Macs Adventure. Explore Europe, the UK and the rest of the world on our walking tours and biking tours, and find out why thousands of people trust us to arrange their perfect self-guided adventure.

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