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Why Self-Guided?

Why Self-Guided?

At Macs Adventure, most of our trips are self-guided, which we believe is the best way to truly immerse yourself in an authentic experience. What exactly does this entail? Let us explain: 

Independent-minded walkers and cyclists will agree that a self-guided walking or biking tour can't be beaten in terms of value, experience and sense of achievement. Our self-guided tours come with everything you need for an adventure-filled and rewarding trip: accommodations, baggage transfers where appropriate, detailed maps, destination guides and an informative pre-departure pack that outline our carefully planned itineraries.





Travel at Your Own Pace

No need to worry about being fit enough to keep up with a group (or others slowing you down). Take the time to stop and soak up the incredible views, breath in that fresh clean air and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.




Sense of Achievement

Relish the sense of pride you’ll feel from completing a walk or cycle over several days or weeks. Push yourself out of your comfort zone; visit a new destination, experience new cultures and learn new things. 




Unique Memories

When you’re not hiding behind a guide you can really get to know the area, interact with locals and enjoy authentic experiences. Create your own memories, immerse in local cultures, taste unique dishes and learn something new. 




Freedom & Flexibility

A self-guided tour provides more flexibility to start when you want (subject to availability), for however long you want and with who you want. Customize the tours on our site to spend more time in a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting.




Great Value   

Cut out the cost of a guide, but don’t miss out on a thing, we provide you with every you need so can be your own guide. Our team of travel experts have tried and tested the route notes, baggage transfers and hand-selected accommodations





Although you will be self-guided you don’t need to worry, we’re here 24/7 to provide support. In the rare case of an emergency a member of our team is just a call away on our 24-hour on call support line.

Book self-guided walking tours and biking tours with Macs Adventure. Explore Europe, the UK and the rest of the world on our walking tours and biking tours, and find out why thousands of people trust us to arrange their perfect self-guided adventure.

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