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Why Self-Guided

At Macs Adventure, most of our trips are self-guided, which we believe is the best way to truly immerse yourself in an authentic experience. What exactly does this entail? Let us explain: 

Independent-minded walkers and cyclists will agree that a self-guided walking or biking tour can't be beaten in terms of value, experience and sense of achievement. Our self-guided tours come with everything you need for an adventure-filled and rewarding trip: accommodations, baggage transfers where appropriate, detailed maps, destination guides and an informative pre-departure pack that outline our carefully planned itineraries.

A self-guided tour gives you the flexibility to choose your traveling companions, how far you’d like to walk/bike each day, and which travel dates suit you. You can tailor your itinerary, accommodations and activities to match your interests. Although you’ll be traveling independently, our local partners and teams of experts in Colorado, Scotland and Germany are there to support you. We’re only a phone call away in case you need assistance or have questions during your trip.

Reasons to Choose Self-Guided...

1. Sense of Achievement

The sense of accomplishment gained from completing a walk or cycle over several days or weeks is tough to beat. Navigate our tried-and-true routes using easy-to-follow maps and route notes. Return home with a sense of achievement and plenty of stories to impress your friends and family!

2. Great Value 

At half the price of guided trips, self-guided walking and cycling tours offer an unbeatable value. We can keep our prices low because our customers aren’t paying for a guide/driver and the associated costs.

3. Flexibility 

You can usually start your itinerary on any date that suits your travel plans (subject to availability). This gives you the flexibility to purchase the cheapest flights, start the day you fly in, or even spend additional time in a new city at the start or end of your tour.

4. Choose Who You Travel With

You can choose to travel alone, with your family, your best friend, or even fifteen of your favorite colleagues. 

5. Go at Your Own Pace

Most of our routes offer a range of itineraries that suit everyone from the casual hiker to the energetic explorer. Walk or bike at your own pace – stopping as you please to indulge your passion for wine or whisky, ancient ruins, or modern architecture.

6. An Authentic Experience

By traveling independently, you’ll interact with more locals. OK, you may take a wrong turn occasionally, but you’ll have your own special memories (not just shared through the window of a tour bus). 

7. Stay Independent, but Have Support

Although rare, anyone who travels may experience some speed bumps or unexpected challenges. If you do need assistance on your trip, a member of our team is only a phone call away. Knowing this, you can relax and focus on enjoying your trip completely.

8. Accommodations With Character

Because we personalize each itinerary, we can book wonderful small hotels, inns and B&B's that larger groups simply can't. Staying in authentic small properties can give you a real insight into local life. You may find yourself sitting around the kitchen table tasting the family olive oil, or discovering the special secret recipe for Scottish shortbread.

Some environments, like Nepal and Morocco, are best experienced with a local expert. When this is the case, you’ll either be accompanied by a knowledgeable personal guide, or join a very small guided group. That being said, we’ve still included plenty of time for independent exploration within those itineraries.


Book self-guided walking tours and biking tours with Macs Adventure. Explore Europe, the UK and the rest of the world on our walking tours and biking tours, and find out why thousands of people trust us to arrange their perfect self-guided adventure.

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