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Macs Adventure App Help and FAQs

Our app in 2022, an important update:

Our app is currently under maintenance to give it a fresh look, make it simpler to use, and to offer a better experience for everyone on our adventures. That means it is temporarily unavailable on the App Store / Play Store, and these instructions will be updated for our new app soon.

If your trip begins imminently, don't worry! You will get alternative options to help you use our current app to navigate from your specialist. Otherwise, we will be in touch before your trip to make sure you have the new app, and all the instructions you need, as soon as it is ready to go. Watch this space for an update on our new and improved app!

Following your route notes by app is the easiest and most reliable way to navigate, and once you have followed these steps to get the app and set it up with your daily routes, you should find it very intuitive to use. Please do read over these frequently asked questions, which not only resolve common issues, but might also help you make the most of the App's features.


Where do I get the app and what does it cost?

The app is free, and available by searching for Macs Adventure on App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android.


What if I don't have an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately the app isn't available for other operating systems but we will provide printed notes and maps for you, and you can still check the maps and notes in advance on your web browser via


What if I don't have a call & data plan, or roaming data, for the country I'm visiting?

Don't worry! You can use the app offline with no data signal at all. All you need is your phone's GPS to be switched on. We suggest you switch your data off even if you do have a network plan, as not only will you avoid charges or data usage, but you'll get peace and quiet from emails and notifications! Do however make sure you've followed these steps to make your daily routes available offline before you go.


Will it work if there is no signal?

Just like data, you don't need a call signal to use the app, as long as you have followed the set up steps.


Will I run out of battery?

The app will use some battery power. We have tested the app amongst the team extensively and found that phones will last a day on the trail, but you do need to be careful how much you use them for other tasks like calls and browsing. There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Put your phone on to "flight mode" whilst you're out on the trail, that way you can still take photos, follow the route, and switch it back on to normal mode if you really need to make a call.
  • Turn the brightness down.
  • Take a spare battery pack and cable. These are great value and readily available. Make sure you charge it every day.
    Always take the printed versions of your maps and routes, supplied in your information pack, with you in your daypack as a back up.


When I press to locate myself on a map, it doesn't work.

The most likely cause is that your phone or device's location or GPS setting is switched off. Go into your device's settings and make sure "GPS" or "Location" is on.

When you downloaded the app, you should have allowed it permission to access your location. If you clicked "Deny", then the message will pop up again asking permission when you try to locate yourself on the map. Make sure you click "Allow".


Is it safe to ride my bike and use the app?

We would always suggest you pause your riding to read anything detailed on your phone. A handlebar mount such as a "Quad Lock" is a great investment to help you keep the map in view for cursory glances, but always pull over at a safe spot to check over detailed directions. Having a handlebar mount will make it much easier than stopping to retrieve paper maps from your bike bags.


What if the weather is bad?

It is important to keep your personal equipment safe. Our tips for using the app to navigate include bringing a waterproof case for your phone. You can get specific covers and cases for your own model, and if you are cycling, Quad Lock compatible cases are fantastic. However, if you don't want to go to the expense and the forecast is favourable, you could even take some zip-lock plastic bags to make sure your phone is safe during any showers!


Is the location signal reliable in remote places?

Yes, the signal is very reliable on even the remotest trail. Tall trees or buildings can however affect the GPS signal a little so be wary in towns and forests, and if your intuition tells you something isn't right, check the turn by turn directions.


Where do I find the daily routes to download and save offline?

There will be QR codes in your information pack which you can scan with the "tour scanner" in the app. You can also use the link emailed to you. See these step by step instructions to help you prepare.


What is a QR code?

It looks like this, and will be on your printed information documents to help you find and save the app and your daily tours.

iOS QR Code


When using the Map view, my location disappears off the screen as I walk/cycle.

You can change the map view by tapping the crosshair button to centre yourself on the map, fix, or rotate the screen. Tap this until you are centred in the map. You can try the different options until you find a view you are most comfortable with.

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