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Using our App, Step by Step

For the best possible route-finding experience, use our handy Macs Adventure Smartphone app which lets you access and follow each route on richly-detailed mapping.

Our app in 2022, an important update:

Our app is currently under maintenance to give it a fresh look, make it simpler to use, and to offer a better experience for everyone on our adventures. That means it is temporarily unavailable on the App Store / Play Store, and these instructions will be updated for our new app soon.

If your trip begins imminently, don't worry! You will get alternative options for mobile navigation from your specialist. Otherwise, we will be in touch before your trip to make sure you have the new app, and all the instructions you need, as soon as it is ready to go. Watch this space for an update on our new and improved app!

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Stage 1: Get the App

Make sure you’re connected to WiFi throughout Stages 1 to 3!

  1. To find the app, search for Macs Adventure: Maps & Routes on either Android™ Play Store or App Store for iOS.
  2. Download & install the app, then accept the terms to enable it.
  3. Alternatively, if your phone has a QR code reader you can use these QR codes to find the app.

Stage 2: Registration

Once the app is installed, open it and register under the Community tab. It only takes a minute to register and activate, then there are many more features to enjoy. You can add your comments, photos and reviews to daily tours, interact with other community members, and share your own recorded tracks.

Stage 3: Download & Save Your Daily Routes

On the printed route notes, you will find the daily tour name, the tour link, and a QR code. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi (to preserve your mobile data allowance). There are two ways to access your routes:

Method 1: Opening and saving the routes on your phone using Trail/Tour Scanner

  1. Open the Tour Scanner (or Trail Scanner depending on your phone) tab in the app.
    Trail Scanner
  2. Click on “Scan Tour” and hold your phone camera above the QR code for each daily route. These codes will be printed on your copies of your route notes and maps in your information pack.
  3. After opening the first daily route click on the top right hand side dots (Android), or bottom right “More” button (iOS). 
    More-Android More-iOS
  4. Make sure the option “Add to Memos” is checked.
  5. Then select the “Save Offline” option.
  6. Repeat this process for each day’s route until you have downloaded all the walks or bike rides for your trip.

Method 2: Opening and saving the routes on your phone using a link:

In your trip information documents you will find links to the website. For example:

  1. Open the link to each day’s tour. To open the links there are a few options:
    1. Open the information pack emailed to you and click on the link this way. You’ll find a link to the “list” (which is the collection of all your trip’s daily tours) in your email. You can open daily tours individually from there.
    2. Type the link from your printed information pack into your phone’s browser.
    3. Search the tour name by clicking “Tours” on the app and searching for the name of the daily route.
  2. Once you have opened the daily route tap the “Open in App” option.
  3. Click on the bottom right “More” button (iOS), or top right hand side button (Android).
  4. Make sure the option “Add to Memos” is checked.
  5. Then select the “Save Offline” option.
  6. Repeat this process for each day’s route until you have downloaded all the walks or bike rides for your trip.

Stage 4: Viewing & Following Your Route

  1. From the main app screen select the “Favourites” tab and click “Memos” where you will find all the downloaded routes for your trip.
  2. Select your day’s route then click the “Map” tab to view the route and start point.
    More Info AndroidMore Info iOS
  3. You’ll see a map view of the entire route, where the route will be marked with a red line, and the start with a green “S”.
  4. To locate yourself on the map, touch the cross-hair button on the bottom left of your screen which will centre you on the screen. Your current location will appear as a blue dot.
     Crosshair Android Crosshair iOS
  5. Pressing the cross-hair button again means you can choose to either follow your movements, or rotate the screen to the direction of travel.
  6. We have a more detailed guide for following your route available here.

Our Tips & Troubleshooting

  1. Put your phone on flight mode to save battery charge and go “off grid” (no emails = the best possible adventure experience!).
  2. In your phone settings make sure to switch “location” or GPS on!
  3. Allow the app to access your location information.
  4. We recommend taking a spare battery pack and a waterproof sleeve or case for your phone.
  5. To send the app, or routes to anyone else in your group select the “share with a friend” option on each tour.
  6. If you’re travelling by bike, a handlebar mount to use with your model of smartphone will be very useful. Quad lock are an excellent choice.
  7. To help save power turn the brightness down on your phone.
  8. Zoom in to view the map in greater detail.
  9. Have fun & enjoy!

Next Step: Following Your Route in More Detail

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We walk the walks and pedal the miles to ensure that our route notes are as accurate as possible, however paths and routes can (very occasionally) change without prior notice due to weather, maintenance works, or unanticipated situations beyond our control. Distances & times are intended as a guideline only, and may vary after any minor detours, or depending on the GPS device used. To give feedback email or don’t hesitate to contact us.

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