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3 Reasons Biking in Vermont is the best
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07 June 2019
3 Reasons Biking in Vermont is the best

Within the rolling green mountains and along the calm shores of Lake Champlain, Vermont keeps hidden charming towns, colorful forests, and quiet meandering back roads. The slow pace of life and the peaceful scenery make this one of the best destinations for cyclists looking for a truly local experience yet great point to point rides. To get a sense of what might be in store, here are three of the state’s best highlights.

The Towns and the People

Though most all of Vermont’s villages are cut from a similar cloth as its neighbor, each town’s varied history and local community deliver unique atmospheres and charming town centers. Amidst the general stores and welcoming B&B’s are small shops, locally made goods, and farm stands from the nearby fields. The town greens are lively places where you can sit in the shade a large oak tree, chat with locals, or just admire as you ride by.

The people of Vermont communities and culture strongly echo the importance of “local,” whether referring to their food source, their region and its self-reliance, or the love for Vermont itself. This shows when talking to the people you meet along the way – everyone is happy to share a story or hear yours, all while sharing their homely state. Be sure to ask for recommendations for meals!

The Food

Vermont food is about more than just Maple Syrup! It is a justifiably growing destination for incredible cuisine, local meals, craft breweries, and micro-distilleries. Take time to explore the farm-to-table lunch or dinner options and let the creativity of the chefs give you a great culinary experience. Of course, do your best to sample all of the Creemee Stands (Vermont’s term for soft-serve), and try to find the best Maple Creemee in the state.


Craft Breweries are in abundance!


The winding, quiet back roads of Vermont slowly ample from one town to the next. They pass underneath the green mountains and along the lakes and ponds, and the countless cows keep you company along the way. Admire the rolling fields and antique red barns, the miles of stone walls or wooden slat-fencing, and the rich colors of the forests. Depending on the season, you might get a lush green mixture of the hardwood and pine trees or the vibrant multi-color foliage that New England autumns are so well known for.

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