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A Picnic from Local Markets in Burgundy
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03 February 2022
A Picnic from Local Markets in Burgundy

When you travel on one of our Burgundy tours and if you happen to be in a certain destination on a certain day of the week, then you are in luck. Attending markets in France amongst the chatter and laughter, hustle and bustle of the locals is definitely a treat for a traveller. They have all the finest local produce an area has to offer and Burgundy is no exception. When I visit France I always add a visit to a market or two into my schedule. Perhaps you could do this too and attend a market before embarking on your day's walk or cycle, "et voila" no more worries about finding your picnic lunch. I have brought antiques, a handbag and even a pair of jeans from a market once!

However, the main inspiration for me to go is the local produce which will set your tastebuds a tingling! In Burgundy there will be many different types of cheeses, from Epoisse, the "king of cheeses" and Abbaye de Citeaux produced, as the name suggests, at a Cistercian Abbey not far from Nuits-Saint-George, to fresh breads, pastries, fruit and vegetables. Buy a fresh baguette, some cheese and some sweet and juicy tomatoes. Bring a penknife and some napkins too, to make the whole outdoor packed lunch experience even better. Not forgetting a bottle of the best Burgundy wine of course!

Sally Thompson

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Sally Thompson
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