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Luxury Loire Cycling in a Nutshell
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15 February 2022
Luxury Loire Cycling in a Nutshell

We all love excellent accommodation. After a day on the bike or a challenging walk, it is always a pleasure to reach your accommodation for the evening and explore its delights. Here at Macs Adventure, we pride ourselves on finding the ultimate in accommodation, sourcing the perfect places to stay to compliment your trip. However, our Luxury Loire Cycling trip takes this to the next level.

  • Distance: You will cycle 30-45km per day on this trip on a mixture of quiet country lanes and riverside paths.

  • Grade: Easy. There is hardly a hill insight on this trip as you glide along the mainly flat Loire Valley. The focus here is on relaxation, gourmet food, and of course, tasting the most extraordinary Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

Chateaux of Loire


The Loire Valley is nestled in West Central France two hours from Paris by train. The region was once of immense strategic importance. Kings, queens, dukes, and nobles established feudal castles and intricately designed palaces. These châteaux and the villages and vineyards that surround them showcase the design, passion, and craftsmanship employed to create the most beautiful region possible.

Gardens of Loire

Why Cycle Here?

The Loire Valley is an easy place to cycle. The network of quiet country roads means you can relax and be absorbed by the verdant scenery surrounding you. It is naturally a wonderful area. However, what humanity has done here is the real draw. Over 300 châteaux in the Loire Valley, each with its personality, architecture, and stunning gardens. They are generally so well preserved that they seem to exist in some kind of fairytale, their perfect facades standing out against the green of the surrounding area.

On our Luxury Loire Cycling trip, you will stay in lovingly converted châteaux every night and become part of this fairytale experience. The other reason to cycle here is gastronomy. The food in the Loire is excellent, and every night on our trip, dinner is provided at your château so that you can dine on the locally-sourced, lovingly-cooked French cuisine. The region is peppered with Michelin Star restaurants and the first night of our trip, see you eating at the 1-star Château De Pray. The wines of Loire have long been regarded as some of the finest in the world. While many grapes are grown here, their Sauvignon Blanc genuinely excels. Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé are big names, with their mineral freshness and light, delicate flavors, but there is a wealth of other Sauvignons to tantalize your taste buds.

Planning & Preparation

This 6 Day & 7 Night French Adventure begins in Amboise and finishes in Marcay. It includes bed, breakfast, and dinner in a converted château, including one Michelin star meal. To get to Amboise, the closest airport is Tours Val de Loire, serviced by Ryanair from both the UK and European airports. Journey time to Tours is approx 30mins by airport bus, with onward train services connecting to Amboise (approx 20min journey time).

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