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Tour of The Matterhorn – 5 Top Tips

19 Aug , 2019  

Tour of the Matterhorn

I joined our tour development team in the summer of 2017 and am currently working on our Scottish tours, but as part of my job I get to travel throughout Europe writing route notes for Macs Adventure hiking and biking trips.  Early in the 2018 season my partner, Craig, and I journeyed to Zermatt to […]

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Experience the magic of Skye in style with the experts

25 Jul , 2019  


Our new for 2019 trip the Best of Skye In Style is a culmination of our many years of expertise organizing self-guided walking holidays in Scotland. The result? A 5 day self-guided walking trip taking in the very best of Skye on specially selected trails with overnights in beautiful hand-picked accommodations! We have also included […]

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Where are the Lofoten Islands?

19 Jun , 2019  

Reinebringen summit

At 68° N, the Lofoten Islands are well within the Arctic Circle and form Norway’s largest island archipelago jutting out from the mainland over 1350 km north of Oslo. Despite their far-flung frontier feel the Lofoten Islands are well-connected to the Norwegian mainland by ferry and daily flights from Oslo (via Bodø ). The adventure […]