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Sally Thompson
Sally Thompson

Burgundy: One of the Best Wine Regions for Walking

Since Burgundy's vineyards are rated some of the finest in the world and are actually UNESCO Designated, this region of France is considered as the finest for exploring wineries and one of the most amazing ways to do it is on foot. How is this for an idea? Walk into the vineyards on the Chemin des Grand Cru', a trail through Cote d'Or wine country. Pause for a tasting or two in a famous wine cave along the way (why not try a Mausannay?). Then stop for lunch in a beautiful village, such as Aloxe-Corton and enjoy the atmosphere and a glass of world-famous pinot noir. Next walk off your lunch by following trails to your next destination, admiring the limestone landscapes where these famous wines are created and a region renowned the world over for its gastronomy and reputation for living the good life. What more could you ask for from a holiday full of adventure and fun, especiaally if you have a passion for french wine, or any wine for that matter!

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