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Top 5 Places for Hiking in Italy

17 Oct , 2019  

La dolce vita - hiking in Italy

It’s hard to decide which area to visit first when hiking in Italy. Italy is a land of passion. The Italian people put their heart and soul into everything they do, from creating a fine work of art to an amazing lunch. It’s a diverse country, with strong regional variations and a host of hidden gems […]


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How to prepare for a hike on the Appalachian Trail

7 May , 2019  

Preparing for walking on the Appalachian Trail can be daunting. The impressive, awe inspiring trail runs along nearly 2,200 miles on a continuous hiking corridor along the east coast and can intimidate even experienced hikers. But, as with any adventure, it is easy to prepare yourself, your packing list, and each day’s plan to make […]

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Top 5 Hiking Trails in Colorado

18 Apr , 2019  

When I think of Colorado, I think of the Rocky Mountains, of mile high cities, and of winters full of fresh powder. But the mountains and ski towns of Colorado aren’t just for winter adventures. In the warmer months, you can also find a wealth of incredible hiking trails throughout the state. Macs Adventure’s range […]


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The 5 Best Places to Hike in July

13 Jun , 2014  

At Macs Adventure we believe in making the most of every season (and we probably claim at the start of every new season that it is our favourite one!). Each time of year offers its own particular qualities for adventure seekers, but here we focus on the best places to hike in July. This is […]