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Top 5 Places For Hiking In Italy

It’s hard to decide which area to visit first when hiking in Italy. Italy is a land of passion. The Italian people put their heart and soul into everything they do, from creating a fine work of art to an amazing lunch. It’s a diverse country, with strong regional variations and a host of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

You can take the tourist trail when hiking in Italy and have a wonderful time, but the real beauty of the country is when you step off the beaten path. Dining with locals in a rustic farmhouse or admiring the Italian hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria while you stroll through lush vineyards. At Macs Adventure, we create trips to include the best hiking in Italy and immerse you in the Italian culture.

hiking in Italy- Amalfi Coast

An Italian favorite

The Italians love to vacation on Italy’s Amalfi coast so you can be certain it’s a place of beauty, quality, and good taste. A hiking vacation in this region takes you on mountain paths high above the deep-blue Mediterranean Sea and between idyllic Italian villages. It’s chaotic and peaceful all at once! Brimming with life, but while sitting on a terrace sipping a limoncello you could be the only person in the world. Amalfi has a certain chic magic to it and the best way to discover it is hiking.

To really live “la dolce vita’ and enjoy the finer things in life choose our Amalfi in Style walking tour. Discover that the sweet life is oh-so-very sweet on the Amalfi Coast with a cooking class, a boat tour to the Isle of Capri and stays in elegant accommodations.

hiking in Italy - Italian hill towns of Tuscany

Where time is on your side

The Italian hill towns of Tuscany should be savored rather than rushed. Step back in time on the Hill Top Towns of Tuscany to a slower-pace of life. Stroll across rolling hills and vineyards between historic and architecturally renowned Renaissance towns. Mingle with the locals who help create the atmosphere and the richness of life that infuses this region. Savor every bite of the authentic, seasonal and gourmet Italian cuisine. And unwind in the healing waters of ancient Etruscan hot spring baths or with a glass of wine on a sun drenched terrace.

hiking in Italy- Cinque Terre

Pearls of the Riviera

The Cinque Terre, in Italy’s Liguria region, forms a string of centuries-old seaside villages that cling to the rugged, beautiful Italian Riviera coastline. Linked by a series of footpaths, hiking is one of the best ways to visit each of the five towns and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

If your idea of la dolce vita is walking by day and dining on seafood specialties by night, there can be few places in the world that will please you as much as this coastal gem.

Dolomite hiking in Italy

Looking for the high life?

Let’s start with the exquisitely majestic peaks. Then let’s talk about the fantastic network of high trails for hiking in Italy. And how about those wide-sweeping views of seemingly endless pastures, valleys, and rivers? Witness the majestic scenery and mountain culture of the Dolomites and immerse yourself in Italian mountain life. Watch the sunset play on the rock faces of the Dolomites while sitting in the company of like-minded hikers at your mountain Refugio. This is a feeling you will never forget.

If all this makes you hungry for more hiking highlights then the Italian Dolomites will definitely be your idea of the high life on vacation.

hiking in Italy,  Barolo Vineyard

A taste of the sweet life

Wines, cheeses, sweets, chocolates, truffles, hazelnuts… Shall we go on? The Barolo Vineyard Walking Trail winds its way through Piedmont, which is acclaimed as Italy’s paradise region for wine connoisseurs and gourmets.

Explore the Langhe region, located between the Alps and the Apennine mountains. This area is blessed with fertile lands that produce the Tube Magnatum, a prized white truffle and Barolo wine, one of Italy’s most prestigious red wines. The expensive Barolo may stay on the shelves as you discover the rich variety of outstanding wine in the Piemont region. The locals most often drink the local Barberas. The Nebbiolo grape which goes to make Barolo can also be found in velvety smooth Barbaresco, at a fraction of the cost of Barolo.

So immerse yourself in Italy! Soak up the joy in every glass of wine and every bit of bread that wipes the plate clean.

Macs Adventure will help you explore Italy that will linger long in the memory. For more information on walking in Italy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our destination specialists who can help with any queries you may have.

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