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West Sweden

West Sweden

  • Discover West Sweden’s wild and beautiful Bohuslän coast and islands
  • Spend an unforgettable night on the remote and rugged Weather Islands
  • Enjoy the vacation atmosphere of the popular fishing villages of Smögen and Fjällbacka
  • Experience the vibrant cultural scene of historical Gothenburg
  • Explore the car-free island of Marstrand, stopping for a dip along the way
  • Walk the peaceful, dreamy forests along coastlines and through meadows on the Soteleden trail.
  • Indulge in world-renowned fresh seafood and enjoy a classic Swedish ‘fika’

West Sweden is a walker's paradise. The rugged, charming, and picturesque west coast is one of the country’s most fascinating areas. From islands once believed to be uninhabitable, to quaint fishing villages and some of the finest seafood you’ll ever eat, the west coast of Sweden gives you the best of several worlds.

Walking in Sweden’s western regions is a nature experience like no other. You get to experience wonderful coastal scenery, magical forests, endless lakes, and historic landscapes rich in culture; combining walking with charming accommodation and indulging in the classic Swedish tradition ‘fika'. The perfect time to travel to West Sweden is the end of May or June. Mid-August and September are also recommended as it avoids the peak tourist season of July, and the first week of August.

  • The Best of West Sweden Short Break and Best of Sweden on Foot take you on a journey through the rocky west coast region of Bohuslän, a natural paradise dotted with hundreds of islands, rocky beaches, and picturesque lighthouses. These trips combine with the beautiful city of Gothenburg, which features one of the most exciting foodie scenes in Northern Europe. Both tours offer the perfect balance of walking, nature, culture, and glorious food.
  • The Best of West Sweden and the Weather Islands is a also truly unforgettable experience. You will discover the picture-perfect town of Fjällbacka and enjoy an overnight stay on the unique Weather Islands, this tour offers the ideal blend of exploring, walking, nature, culture and glorious food. You will also experience walking through peaceful, dreamy forests, along coastlines, and through meadows on the Soteleden trail. 


Did you know...

  • West Sweden is currently taking big steps towards becoming a more sustainable destination. Stepping up Sustainability is West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism. It’s a framework for public and private operators, to bring about a shift to a more sustainable society.
  • Six times in a row, Gothenburg has ranked as the world’s most sustainable destination according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index. And in 2021, Lonely Planet named Gothenburg the world’s Best Sustainable City Stay.
  • There are about 8000 islands along Sweden’s west coast, many accessible by ferry or bridge and some of the smaller ones are car-free.

Brimming with opportunity, West Sweden is waiting for you in 2023!

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