The Harz Witches Trail

Just a short journey from Berlin the Harz mountains rise from the North German Plain, covering an area of 100km by 30 km wide straddling the former East/West German border and have always been a popular holiday destination, especially well known for great walking.

The Harz Witches Trail traverses the Harz Mountains and National park from West to East from Osterode to Thale taking in evergreen and coniferous forests, rocky canyons, towering cliffs, medieval half-timbered villages and the famous Broken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains and the focal point of the pagan Walpurgis night festival, when witches and devils abound.

You can choose to walk the Harz Witches Trail over either 5 or 7 walking days and our self guided walks the Harz Witches Trail include hand picked accommodation in guesthouses and small hotels, daily door to door luggage transfer, maps, detailed route notes and emergency backup and support.