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Walking and cycling holidays: Our hidden gems

1 Dec , 2016  

Everyone loves to discover a hidden gem holiday destination. But few people are lucky enough to be in the know about all the best hidden gems places to go walking and cycling. This blog reveals some of our top recommendations for lesser known but fabulous trips. A hidden gem is the sort of holiday you […]

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How to discover a great new travel destination

1 Dec , 2016  

There are people who find a great destination, even a single resort and head there time after time because they can’t imagine going anywhere better. Then there are travellers who yearn for new and more exciting places every single time they set off on. I am definitely in the second camp. I love to read, listen, […]

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Weekly Cycle: Scotland’s Castle Trail

23 Nov , 2016  

Scotland is home to hundreds of castles, set amid a beautiful landscape. Travelling by bike on this six-day Castle Trail Tour in Perthshire you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, viewing the countryside at cycling pace and visiting some of the country’s finest historic attractions. Where is Perthshire? The region of Perthshire is located at […]

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Our pick of the historic sites in the UK

23 Nov , 2016  

Great Britain boasts an incredible historic timeline and offers a bounty of preserved attractions for visitors to see. Prehistoric sites, castles, forts, stately homes and stone circles are among the many sites to visit. We reveal some of our favourite historic places in the UK. Castles and forts It’s difficult to choose just one or […]

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11 reasons to visit Reykjavik

17 Nov , 2016  

Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik is increasingly ranked as one of the world’s best cities for travellers. We reveal 11 great reasons to visit the city. 1 Because it’s highly recommended One of the world’s leading travel guide publishers, Rough Guides, rated Reykjavik as the world’s number one city for tourists. They state that the Icelandic capital is a […]

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Walk of the week: South Greenland Adventure

16 Nov , 2016  

Greenland is a place that conjures up so many emotions and creates amazing memories. It’s a destination for adventure, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, fabulous landscapes and spectacular sights. Find out why we have chosen it as our walk of the week. Where is Greenland? Greenland is a large island – and an autonomous Danish territory – located […]

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Why I love a Scottish island adventure

11 Nov , 2016  

I am fortunate to live in central Scotland, which offers easy access to so many of Scotland’s west coast islands. Over the past decade, I’ve visited many different islands and I’ve discovered that whichever one I choose there is something quite wonderful about an island adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan […]

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The best of the Scottish islands

8 Nov , 2016  

Scotland is home to dozens of islands, located off the coast of the mainland. Many offer a popular destination for visitors and Scots alike and island hopping is a fun activity for holidays. Every island boasts a unique atmosphere, character, charm and landscape. There are small islands, tiny islands, large islands and island chains. There are […]

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26 interesting facts about Germany

3 Nov , 2016  

Germany is a wonderful place for a walking or cycling holiday thanks to a varied landscape – from beautiful pastures to majestic mountains and dramatic gorges – a wealth of historic attractions and many food and drink gems. Here we reveal more great things about this European destination. What is Germany known for: 1 Let’s start […]

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12 reasons to visit Germany in winter

2 Nov , 2016  

Snow-painted landscapes, frost covered woodlands and frozen lakes; sugar and spice and all things nice; bustling Christmas markets, hot Gluhwein and gingerbread. These are just some of our favourite reasons for a trip to Germany in winter. Let us tempt you a little more… Capital wonders Berlin is a vibrant city at any time of the […]