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Hiking the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in Ireland

9 Aug , 2018  

You might think that the Sheep’s Head peninsula would be overshadowed by its imposing neighbours – not a bit of it. The northerly Beara and the southerly Mizzen merely blend into the panorama of big sky and oceanic horizon. This craggy finger of rock and peat bog is home to a “Goldilocks” of walking trails, […]


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Puglia, Land of the Olive Tree

3 Apr , 2018  

Puglia Trulli Houses

Most people today understand that oil is a strategic commodity that requires infrastructure, investment and global markets. What we recognise as the petroleum industry has existed for only two centuries, but olive oil was produced by our earliest civilisations. The requirements for olive oil production mirror those of modern petroleum and to visit Puglia is […]

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Malta & Gozo, at the Crossroads of the Med

19 Oct , 2016  

The super-yacht looks at home berthed between Fort Saint Angelo, Vittoriosa and the Vedette, Singlea. In an archipelago where Church and Cannon dominate the history and landscape, people of an independent, seagoing outlook have found their niche here – Phoenicians, Romans, Knights Templar. Straddling the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts magnificent churches and temples that […]

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A Channel Island Delight

27 May , 2016  

There are three Crown Dependencies within the United Kingdom, the most southerly two being better known as the Channel Islands. The overseas visitor, and even many British citizens, might well ask, “but they are British, aren’t they?” Well yes… and no. The official language is English but with various dialects of French. The Island born […]

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Cornwall, North Coast Highlights

23 May , 2016  

A quandary faces the visitor who does not have two weeks to visit the magnificent coast of Cornwall – to go North or South? The best solution is to enjoy the delights of one this year and return for the other in the next. Cornwall devotees argue the merits of one coast against the other […]

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Cornwall, South Coast Highlights

17 May , 2016  

So perhaps you are thinking of a Cornwall trip? The population of Britain is well acquainted with the delights of Cornwall’s beaches, walking trails and water sports. Such activity arouses appetites to match, so the Cornish “pastie” and fresh fish and chips have earned a place in the hearts of the British holiday maker. However, […]


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Cornwall, a Land of Sea and Sky

13 May , 2016  

A glance at the statistics of the County of Cornwall indicates nothing remarkable about this region; numbered 12th out of forty-eight counties by land area, numbered 40th by population, its highest peak a modest 420 metres above sea level. However a closer look at Cornwall’s geography and history reveals something very definitely out of the […]

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Downton to Bath, the English Story

29 Jan , 2016  

Highclere to Bath It is a surprise to most visitors that a region so close to the capital city of such a crowded island can offer so much space to breathe. Yet, enveloping the busy road, rail and waterway corridor between London and Bristol, lies country side that has changed little for a millennium. Beneath […]

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A hike through an ancient heritage, hilltop villages of the Dordogne

29 Apr , 2015  

Despite its title, it is the Correze, the 19th Department of France, that hosts the start of this walk. To the West lies Bordeaux, to the South, the city of Toulouse, both some two and a half hours by car or train, yet to enjoy the wide panoramas and clear skies of this corner of […]

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Hilltop Villages of the Dordogne, and the cuisine of the Périgord

29 Apr , 2015  

  Modern central government has imposed names upon this region yet none encompass its tradition of fine food and way of life as well as the former French province of the Périgord. Renowned for truffles, “confit de canard”, “fois gras” and Périgourdine wine, these forested, limestone river valleys have nurtured man, as a hunter-gatherer and […]