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My five best things about Bavaria

16 Apr , 2014  

I walked the King Ludwig Way through Bavaria in 2014. Walking in Bavaria inspired this list if the 5 best things about the region: The people When I walked the King Ludwig Way and stopped to consult my map somebody would always come up and ask if I needed help. Even when they realised I […]

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Wildlife on the King Ludwig Way

13 Apr , 2014  

The landscape along the King Ludwig Way is mostly a mixture of coniferous forest and meadow. This is ideal country for Buzzards and Kites; nesting sites in the trees and open meadow for scavenging. Buzzards are frequently seen spiralling upwards in currents of warm air but they are ground feeders and as you emerge from […]

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Breakfast in Bavaria

7 Apr , 2014  

Most of the hotels and guesthouses along the King Ludwig Way offer the fairly standard continental breakfast. A few different sliced processed meats, slices of processed cheese and bread rolls and the usual extras. The Hotel Zur Post in Erling, near Andechs offered a little bit more. Proper soft cheese that you cut off yourself, […]