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Why Shikoku Island Was My Ultimate Japanese Highlight

12 Oct , 2017  

Nicola on the Shikoku Trail

At Macs Adventure, our walking itineraries in Japan are based around some of the country’s ancient pilgrimage trails. One such trail is the 88 Temples Pilgrimage on Shikoku Island. The island is one of the most unspoiled areas of Japan, and I was lucky enough to spend 3 days walking there during my trip in […]

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5 Things I loved about Japan (and 5 foods I won’t forget!)

11 Oct , 2017  


In June, I took a trip with my partner, Scott, to Japan. We walked sections of the Nakasendo Trail, the Kumano Kodo, and the Shikoku Pilgrim’s trail, in addition to visiting Kyoto and Osaka. In a word, it was amazing. I’ve recently been reflecting on some of the things I loved about the country. I’m […]

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My 4 Must-Go Routes or Regions for Adventure in Spain

23 Mar , 2017  

As a bit of a travel addict, it is definitely a testament to Spain that I have returned over and over again to enjoy the vast variety of experiences and adventures on offer. Although I’ve enjoyed many attributes of this wonderful country, I still have a long list of places to visit! Here are some of my […]

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Nicola’s Hidden Gems Along the Costa Brava

5 Aug , 2016  

I’m going to let you into a little secret.  When my colleague Laura launched our new active Catalonia trips and mentioned the Costa Brava, the first thing I thought of were the large, sun-seeker resorts the area is famous for.  Not that there is anything wrong with relaxing in the sun, but it’s not really […]

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Trekking in Style and Comfort in Nepal

8 Mar , 2015  

The Himalayas have long been thought of as one of the remotest places to travel to in the world – indeed what else would you expect of the highest mountain range on the planet? And, whilst this perception is still true, increased interest in trekking in this region has prompted a new form of trekking […]


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10 must haves for Trekking in Nepal

5 Mar , 2015  

Packing for a walking holiday can be hectic enough, without having to factor in the cultural and practical differences that travelling to some countries entails. Here’s a wee list to make your preparations slightly easier! 1. Kitbag Because porters will be carrying your main bag whilst you are trekking, it is important that it is […]

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My Top 3 Things To Do in Nepal (other than Trekking!)

20 Jan , 2015  

When Neil and Laura told me back at the beginning of November that they wanted me to return to Nepal this year I couldn’t quite believe it. However after two weeks of travel I realised that my highlights on this particular trip consisted of just as many ‘non-trekking’ moments and trekking ones. It turned out […]