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Adventure of the Week: The Alta Via 1

17 Jul , 2019  

Hiker admiring the views on the Alta Via 1

In Italy’s Dolomites range, soaring limestone towers reflect the golden glow of the sun, and green plateaus contrast with asperous scree. This is a showstopping European mountain range, which although adjacent, feels a world apart from the perhaps more “stereotypical” snow-capped peaks of the French & Swiss Alps. The Dolomites range is famed for its […]


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Adventure of the Week: The Arran Coastal Way

10 Jul , 2019  

Looking back over all that we have written about, it came as a big shock that we have never once written a blog about one of our oldest, best-loved trips. For most people in Macs Adventure, this Island has played a large part in our lives. It is a place of true wilderness, of community […]


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A Safari Less Travelled – Scotland

9 Jul , 2019  

Osprey sighting in Scotland

Part of the Macs Adventure team since 2010, Dan Greenwood is a passionate wildlife enthusiast, and a wealth of knowledge on the subject. To begin his blog series, he explains why you don’t need a trip-of-a-lifetime budget to go on safari… 4th May: I woke before the dawn and checked my rucksack. Binoculars? Check. Spotting […]


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Adventure of the Week: Tenerife: Mount Teide to the Coast

3 Jul , 2019  

Summer has been a bit of a late starter in the UK this year. The benefits of a bit of sunshine on our physical and mental health is undisputed, so now is the time to start thinking about that swift break later in the year to squeeze a little more sun out of 2019. The […]


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One “Appy” Macs Customer!

1 Jul , 2019  

When going on any holiday you would expect paper copies of your stay, maps, guide books, vouchers, the works. However, the clever cookies at Macs have designed a digital app for your mobile phone that even the technically challenged will feel software savvy using this app, trust me! They are moving with the times, saving […]


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Adventure of the Week: The GR5 Trail

27 Jun , 2019  

There are a few treks in the world that get all the good press and deservedly so. However, this does make the popularity of these treks skyrocket, but behind every great trek, there is a lovely alternative or two and this week we are going to focus on one of these. So, if you have […]

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Discovering Lofoten

24 Jun , 2019  

Now in my fourth year at Macs Adventure, I’m lucky enough to have travelled to many beautiful places in Europe writing route notes for our self-guided adventures. However, when my partner, Craig, and I journeyed to the Lofoten Islands the landscape of this Arctic archipelago struck us as utterly different to anything we’d ever seen […]

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Adventure of the Week: Thomas Hardy’s Dorset

19 Jun , 2019  

England is a patchwork of poetry and prose, sewn together by master craftsmen. Wordsworth’s words weave together vivid visions of the lake district, its fells and lakes, and Chaucer describes the Kent countryside so descriptively you feel like you have just come back. The South West of England is similarly covered by Thomas Hardy, his […]

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Top tips for your Danube Bike & Boat adventure

17 Jun , 2019  

I was lucky enough to spend some time out of the office and cycled along the Danube river in April on our Passau to Budapest Bike and Boat tour. I traded my flat for a river cruiser and called ship MV Carissima my new home for the week. 4 countries, 3 capitals and countless charming […]

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Where are the Lofoten Islands?

10 Jun , 2019  

At 68° N, the Lofoten Islands are well within the Arctic Circle and form Norway’s largest island archipelago jutting out from the mainland over 1350 km north of Oslo. Despite their far-flung frontier feel the Lofoten Islands are well-connected to the Norwegian mainland by ferry and daily flights from Oslo (via Bodø ). The adventure […]