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Cycling the Danube: Inn to Inn or Bike and Boat?

The River Danube is a great choice for a cycle touring holiday, especially if you’re a novice cyclist or a family of riders. The flat, mostly downhill route is generally traffic-free and takes you through a wealth of glorious countryside and within easy cycling distance of many, many attractions. So, you have made a good decision choosing the River Danube for a cycling holiday. But now you’re wondering about the option of the Bike and Boat trip or the Inn to Inn holiday. Bike and Boat the River Danube The atmosphere of sailing aboard an authentic riverboat is hard to describe – until you have experienced it. Nostalgic, splendid, majestic, classic, traditional, comfortable, relaxing, are all words that spring to mind when you board one of the two boats that sail the Danube on the Bike and Boat holidays. The boats are the traditional MS Theodor Kroner and MS My Story, both of which offer comfort and a unique trip. One of the main advantages of this trip is that you return to the same accommodation every night. While you cycle, the boat sails and then meets you as you get off your bike. This means there is no need to find your accommodation at the end of your cycling day, because the boat is there to meet you. Knowing that you will be sleeping in the same bed and cabin (with private facilities) every night is comforting to many families on holiday. And because the boat follows you, there is no need to pack up your luggage and carry it with you, or for it to be transferred to the next accommodation. Your belongings stay in your cabin and are there for you each afternoon or evening after you have finished cycling. Added to this, if there are non-cyclists in your group – or there are days when someone prefers not to cycle – they can stay on the boat and sail along while you, or the rest of your group, cycle. The boats serve not only as your home for your holiday, but it’s also where you eat each morning and evening, and sometimes at lunchtime. The dining is to a good standard so you can be assured that you’ll be well fuelled for the cycling. You’ll enjoy a diverse range of national and regional cuisines, too, and there’s a musician on board to perform in the evening for listening and/or dancing. If you enjoy a bit of peace and some great views, the boats have a lovely sun deck from which you can sit and watch the landscape float by. Fabulous River Danube cyclingThe boats also offer laundry facilities so you can keep the amount of luggage that you take to a minimum and wash your cycling clothes as you travel. Many people on the boat make friends with other families or groups. This can be fun for holidaymakers and also a great way to keep the kids happy. We all know how much easier a holiday can be if the kids make new friends with other children. And knowing that you will be returning to you boat every evening gives many holidaymakers a lovely comforting feeling. View our range of bike and boat holidays on the Danube... Inn to inn on the River Danube Cycling the Danube and staying at different accommodations along the way brings a big sense of adventure to your trip. Your luggage is transferred for you each day from one inn to the next, so there’s no need to carry big panniers as you cycle along. If you like to experience different places and enjoy meeting new people and eating at a range of places, cycling from inn to inn on the Danube is perfect for you. At the end of a day of cycling, your route book will guide you straight to your inn for the night, and you will be assured a lovely welcome. You’ll find that all the inns are well located so after unpacking you can go out to explore your new location on foot, or on two wheels. You can choose eat in your accommodation if there are dining facilities, or else find a restaurant or café and decide on your own style of cuisine and meal. Many holidaymakers love the freedom that an inn to inn cycle trip offers. Before you go, you can choose to book an accommodation star rating to suit your budget and comfort levels. Most trips offer a number of accommodation options. Meeting new people at each inn is something that many holidaymakers also revel in. Not only will you learn a great deal about the area from the inn’s hosts, but the chances are you’ll meet other holidaymakers who can pass on tips and experiences about their holidays in the area. And staying in an inn each night in a different place, will take you to places that you might never have thought to visit. The Danube inn holidays are created to reveal new places and secret destinations that you will most likely not have found if you were organising the cycling holiday yourself. We are lucky to benefit from local knowledge. Your accommodations will also have been checked out for their comfort levels, so booking an inn for each evening means you’ll be assured of a great night’s sleep ­ – and the safe knowledge that you’ll be in the perfect place for the next stage of your cycling trip. Choose from our Danube inn to inn holidays here. Both the boat and inn options make for great holidays – but it’s always good to be offered a choice, isn’t it?

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