Great Article on Walking Hadrian’s Wall

24 Sep , 2009  

I came across this wonderful article about Trekking Hadrian’s Wall in the Smithsonian Magazine written by Andrew Curry. The article gives a great insight into walking Hadrian’s Wall and the range of historical and local interest encountered along the way. David conveys the pleasure and pain walking Hadrian’s Wall perfectly and I really enjoyed the […]

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Ben Nevis on a Slippery Slope

21 Sep , 2009  

I know it’s a topic I keep going on about but The Herald has a great story about the problem of litter on Ben Nevis, and particularly of banana skins. According to the John Muir Trust (JMT), the wild-land conservation charity which owns most of the mountain, some 55% of the litter removed from Ben […]


High Hopes for Annandale Way

18 Sep , 2009  

The Annandale Way, a 55 miles long distance walk which links Moffat and Annan has been launched with high hopes. The Dumfries and Galloway Standard Reports The 55-mile Annandale Way follows the course of the River Annan from its mouth at the Solway to above the Moffat Beef Tub.And it is hoped that it will […]

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The Outer Hebrides – The New Beach Holiday Destination?

8 Sep , 2009  

It was with some trepidation that we anticipated our family summer holiday. Camping in the Outer Hebrides with a toddler could go one of two ways. Very well or very badly! Apart from our new tent blowing down on day 2 of our holiday I am pleased to report that camping in the Outer Hebrides […]

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Home of Adventure Travel?

11 Aug , 2009  

Travolution report that: Big Earth Media has launched an adventure travel site bigearth.co.uk which uses social media to deliver its “plan, share, discover” tag line. The site is titled “Home of Adventure Travel”. A very big claim for  a newly launched site! The site has limited content that focuses on the filming trips run by Russ […]

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Coasteering? Fun? BAN IT!

6 Aug , 2009  

What was the point of this mornings piece on BBC Breakfast about coasteering?  (View Video) Trailed during the programme along the lines of  “Is Coasteering getting too dangerous? Should it be regulated?” the piece then seems to say go with an organised group and don’t throw yourself off a cliff after having a few pints.I […]

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Scotland, you beauty!

3 Aug , 2009  

You know you’ve had a great weekend when you can hardly walk up the stars to the office on a Monday morning. Scotland was at her very best this weekend and I had an absolutely epic weekend in the outdoors. With a sweet wind forecast for the west coast I headed down to Troon on […]

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Dear BT Business Broadband,

31 Jul , 2009  

Dear BT Business Broadband, We’ve been together for so long, it was so beautiful, but I think it is over. How did we get here? We had been together for years! We had been so happy! But you had to go and ruin it! So how did we get here? You called me up and […]

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10 Reasons why you should walk the Camino.

21 Jul , 2009  

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (or Way of St James) is an ancient network of pilgrimage routes from throughout Europe that have brought pilgrims to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela for thousands of years. Inspired by the journeys of friends and family who have walked the Camino Frances over the past few […]

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Ben Nevis “Too Tricky” for Google

15 Jul , 2009  

Is Google no longer all powerful? “Snowdon, Ben Nevis and the Giant’s Causeway were also said to be three popular suggestions but Google took the view these would be “just too tricky” for someone to ride the trike.” According to today’s story on BBC Wales Website although Ben Nevis was a popular choice to be […]