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Where to Eat in the Cotswolds

13 Feb , 2018  

The Cotswolds is a region of England well known for its natural larder. There is an abundance of local agriculture which means that the quality of food in the area is outstanding.  Famed for its cream teas and sweet treats, there is a whole lot more to the gastronomy of the Cotswolds. In this blog […]


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Officially a “Best Company”! Best Companies Award 2018

9 Feb , 2018  

More of those values we hold dear.

Macs Adventure has been given a 1* accreditation by workplace engagement specialist body Best Companies, placing it as one of the best places to work in the UK! Few companies achieve accreditation in their first year of entering the national survey, so we’re thrilled with the results, which bench-marked Macs Adventure across 8 key areas; […]

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Travel to the Start of the West Highland Way in Milngavie

8 Feb , 2018  

Getting to Milngavie (pronounced mull-guy) can prove confusing to thise starting the West Highland Way, not least because if you call it “miln-gavie” most Glaswegians will look at you with blank incomprehension. Here is a quick and easy guide to getting to the start of the West Highland Way in Milngavie. Location: Milngavie is located […]

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Walking in the Cotswolds: Which trip is for me?

8 Feb , 2018  

The Cotswolds is one of the most delightful places to walk in England. The phrase ‘quintessential England’ is bandied about quite regularly when discussing the Cotswolds, but it is definitely the picture that many people have in their minds when they think of England. Grand country houses, neat, well-attended gardens, honey-coloured cottages, quaint village life and all the […]

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What to Pack for Walking in the Cotswolds

8 Feb , 2018  

Walking in the Cotswolds is generally a pleasant experience. However, this ‘green and pleasant land’ did not get so green by sunshine alone! With this in mind, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guide to what you should be packing for your walking adventure in the Cotswolds. What Bag? You’ll need two bags; a small […]

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3 Takeaways from My Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

7 Feb , 2018  

Toddler being carried through mountain valley.

Hiking in the Alps always seemed like a far-flung dream to my wife, Kelly, and I. New jobs, a cross-country move, and the birth of our son always seemed to put that dream just out of reach. When I started working at Macs, however, I realized there was no reason to put off the trip […]

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Adventure of the Week: Umbria – Trails to Assisi

7 Feb , 2018  

We all know about the joys of Tuscany. Its hilltop towns, its superb wines, friendly locals and outstanding cuisine.  The only issue with this is that we all know about it.  All of us. And many of us go there.  What if there was a secret Tuscany, a place where you could get all the […]


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Cotswolds Travel Guide

7 Feb , 2018  

The Cotswolds is a beautiful area to take a walking holiday. It has well-marked trails, an inordinate amount of points of interest, great food, lovely people. And, it is incredibly easy to get to. For the three different styles of trip we offer in the Cotswolds, there are a variety of start/end points. However, they […]

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How fit should I be for a walking trip in the Cotswolds?

6 Feb , 2018  

The Cotswolds is the most extensive designated Area of Natural Beauty in England which makes it a honeypot for walkers. Here at Macs Adventure, we have devised several different walking itineraries in the Cotswolds so that you can get the best out of the area while having varying levels of fitness. If you do not […]

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Seeing it All: Scotland and the West Highland Way

2 Feb , 2018  

Chase Marston on the West Highland Way

Scotland is truly a nation of plenty, and the West Highland Way is the perfect way to experience its staggering beauty. Despite being smaller than the state of Maine, Scotland packs a disproportionate amount of rich history, dramatic geological features, rugged stretches of coastline, and engaging tradition (not to mention whisky) within its borders. From […]

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