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How will you travel the West Highland Way?

23 Apr , 2014  

The West Highland Way is the original long-distance walk in Scotland – and still one of the most popular. Despite dozens of newer long-distance walking trails being opened, including the latest the John Muir Way, this grand-daddy 96-mile waymarked trail attracts tens of thousands of people every year. The West Highland Way is traditionally walked […]


Great island hopping holidays

22 Apr , 2014  

There is something about an island, especially a small island. Mention an island and we think of a gem-like area of land surrounded by gently lapping, aqua-marine sea. We imagine beaches, sunshine, cool breezes and beautiful scenery. Perhaps not every island is as dreamy as this but islands do conjure up ideas of holidays and […]

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Rachael recovers from the West Highland Way…with the highest mountain in Britain!

22 Apr , 2014  

After 8 days of walking, covering 96 miles of varied terrain on Scotland’s West Highland Way, your average hiker would be forgiven for feeling a little weary and taking advantage of a lie in and a relaxing day in Fort William. Rachael Moseley is not your average hiker! After turning 10 years of age on […]

Kit Guide, Walking

Kit review: Berghaus Deluge waterproof trousers

17 Apr , 2014  

Wherever you are walking it’s important that you pack the right kit. One item that should have a place in the corner of your rucksack is waterproof overtrousers. You do not need to spend a fortune on waterproof trousers to ensure you stay dry when the rain comes on, but it’s important that they fit […]

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My five best things about Bavaria

16 Apr , 2014  

I walked the King Ludwig Way through Bavaria in 2014. Walking in Bavaria inspired this list if the 5 best things about the region: The people When I walked the King Ludwig Way and stopped to consult my map somebody would always come up and ask if I needed help. Even when they realised I […]

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The Two Moors Way – a West Country Slice

16 Apr , 2014  

How can a route like this, the Two Moors Way, not appeal to the long distance walker? Just take a look at the map. Commencing in a city that launched explorers, pilgrims and buccaneers into history, this walk maintains a direct course, encompassing two coastlines, two moors and an ancient heartland of rolling green hills. […]



Cycling: It’s all in the detail

15 Apr , 2014  

In the first of a two-part blog series, we take a look at all the little accessories and bits and pieces that make the biggest differences to your comfort and joy while cycling. (The next blog will be about walking). When you first start cycling you might imagine that the activity is just about a […]

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Wildlife on the King Ludwig Way

13 Apr , 2014  

The landscape along the King Ludwig Way is mostly a mixture of coniferous forest and meadow. This is ideal country for Buzzards and Kites; nesting sites in the trees and open meadow for scavenging. Buzzards are frequently seen spiralling upwards in currents of warm air but they are ground feeders and as you emerge from […]

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5 Alternative (crazy?!) ways to do a long distance trail

12 Apr , 2014  

The London Marathon runners are warming up for what for many will be the challenge of a lifetime. Yesterday, I mentioned to a friend my disappointment in myself at my absence of a training regime; “One day, I will do a marathon”, I decided aloud. “Good plan”, was the response, followed by “I know someone […]


5 Good reasons to spend a holiday in Germany (by a German!)

11 Apr , 2014  

Hi, I am Alex, Macs Adventure’s new Intern from Germany. Don’t get me wrong: I have travelled a bit and enjoyed being in each single foreign country, but the more I travel the more I also realize how beautiful my own home is. So, have you ever thought about spending your holiday in the country […]