Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day Three Extra: After the Bath

29 Apr , 2013  

Pathfinding: it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Did I mention the bit about gazing through the windows at snowcapped mountains from the dining room? I did? The amuse-bouches on the table (posh French for little treats while you wait for your starters )? The candles, the fresh flowers? Nowhere else to […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day Three: The Big Squeeze

26 Apr , 2013  

This was just a teeny bit of a navigational challenge, or at least an observational one: a twisting turning rocky boggy humpy bumpy route with a lot of short steep ascents thrown in. One more, in fact, than was necessary : in Garvault Woods I puffed up an extremely steep track, scooping handfuls of snow […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day One: Lou Reed on My Mind

25 Apr , 2013  

Enough about the whisky – let the walking begin. And what a beginning! After months of grey  dreary weather and freezing cold ( -7  the previous night), the sun shone on this third day of April and showed the Cairngorms in all their glory – blue sky, blue lochs, snow-capped mountains – real picture postcard […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking :A Shameful Admission

22 Apr , 2013  

“Nice work if you can get it” – that was most people’s reaction when I told them I was pathfinding  for Mac’s new Whisky and Walking tour in the Cairngorms. Whisky and walking sounded an excitingly dangerous combination, as though you might lurch from distillery to distillery and well, do a bit of walking round snow-capped mountains […]

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