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Adventure of the Week: The Harz Witches Trail

1 Nov , 2017  

Hallowe’en!  Ok, so it was yesterday, but still, it seems appropriate to make this week’s Adventure of the Week the scariest named trail that we operate. Disappointingly, it is a deeply beautiful walk, however, if you do it at night I am sure it will become incredibly scary! (please don’t do this trip at night!). […]

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Adventure of the Week – Germany’s Romantic Road

13 Feb , 2017  

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this week we are focusing on those tours that are suitable for the young lovers, the nature lovers and the happy couples looking to get away. What better way to start than with a trip that brings together western history, art and culture on a walk through the beautiful Bavarian landscape. In […]

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Walk of the Week: Saxon & Bohemian Switzerland

24 Sep , 2014  

Welcome to this week’s Walk of the Week. This week’s Walk of the Week focuses on a trip which is a pub quiz question begging to be asked.   In which country is Saxon Switzerland?  The obvious answer of Switzerland has to be wrong, but where could it be?  The answer is Germany (and a bit of […]

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Wildlife on the King Ludwig Way

13 Apr , 2014  

The landscape along the King Ludwig Way is mostly a mixture of coniferous forest and meadow. This is ideal country for Buzzards and Kites; nesting sites in the trees and open meadow for scavenging. Buzzards are frequently seen spiralling upwards in currents of warm air but they are ground feeders and as you emerge from […]