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The Best Things to do in Connemara, Ireland > 3 Places You Must Visit

29 Nov , 2018  

Connemara is a remote area on the West Coast of Ireland that offers total tranquillity and much more relaxed pace of life. Add to this the stunning scenery and you have an area ripe for exploring. In the summer I had the chance to walk one of our new trips in Connemara and while the […]


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Hiking the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in Ireland

9 Aug , 2018  

You might think that the Sheep’s Head peninsula would be overshadowed by its imposing neighbours – not a bit of it. The northerly Beara and the southerly Mizzen merely blend into the panorama of big sky and oceanic horizon. This craggy finger of rock and peat bog is home to a “Goldilocks” of walking trails, […]


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Adventure of the Week: Walking in Connemara

20 Jun , 2018  

Ireland. It conjures up such strong images of poetic beauty. Of simplicity, strong hearts and inquisitive minds and long, wild stretches of emerald countryside.  And while much of this is pure conjecture, there is a lot of truth to the stereotypical imagery we have of Ireland. Here at Macs Adventure, we are always looking for […]


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Adventure of the Week: The Beara Way

14 Mar , 2018  

Hidden away in the south-west of Ireland five fingers stretch out into the Atlantic. Each of those fingers provides an entirely pleasant walking experience. Everyone has heard of the classic walks, The Dingle Way and the Ring of Kerry, but there are others, hidden and glorious and today we are going to focus on one […]


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Immerse yourself in a holiday in Ireland

26 Oct , 2017  

There is no doubting that Ireland has a vast number of highlight attractions and locations to visit and many traditional coach tours offer a whistle-stop journey to the best of these. But there is a lot more to enjoy and experience while holidaying in this beautiful European country if you travel by bicycle or on […]

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6 Reasons to Walk the Burren Way

25 Oct , 2017  

I had the fantastic opportunity of travelling to Ireland this year which was my first time visiting this lovely country.  I travelled to the Atlantic west coast of Ireland in County Clare, which is home to the beautiful Burren coast.  The Best of the Burren Way is our new long-distance walk in Ireland and I […]


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Adventure of the Week: Sheep’s Head Way

25 Oct , 2017  

We all love a hidden gem. To stretch our legs in a place that is off the beaten track is a joy and to be able to recommend something in advance of it becoming popular secretly gives most of us a little thrill. With this in mind, it is a pleasure to introduce you to […]

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Ireland or England?

18 Mar , 2017  

Over the course of the 6 Nations, considered by many to be rugby’s greatest championship, we have been comparing some of our favourite walking and cycling tours located in the competing nations: Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France & Italy.  Ireland v England   Ireland: Antrim Glens and Causeway Coast The Antrim Glens and Causeway Coast walking tour […]

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5 Things you need to know for a driving holiday in Ireland

16 Mar , 2017  

The Cliffs of Moher

I am just back from our fantastic Best of Ireland tour, an 8-night trip that explores southern Ireland including Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney and Galway! This is one of our drive and hike options and although very excited to see some of Ireland’s top sights, as my trip grew closer I found myself getting slightly anxious with regards […]

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Adventure of the Week – The Dingle Way

15 Mar , 2017  

The Dingle Peninsula

Wild and rugged coastlines, long sandy beaches, lush green fields of wildflowers and heather, the Blanket Islands, ruined castles, archaeological monuments, warm Irish hospitality, and plenty of Guinness. In County Kerry on the southwest coast of Ireland the Dingle Peninsula is a spectacular stretch of coastline that forms the westernmost point in Europe – National Geographic Traveller once […]

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