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Visit the well known and lesser-known highlights of Skye

7 Sep , 2017  

The popularity of the Island of Skye, located just off Scotland’s north-west coast, is easy to understand. The Scottish islands have long been a visitor attraction with many people drawn to the idea of a small island adventure. Skye, which is the largest of the Inner Hebridean island chain, also has a great advantage, with […]

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Adventure of the Week: Long Walk on the Isle of Skye

6 Sep , 2017  

Scotland’s islands can be a harsh environment to live in. When the sun shines, they are positively tropical in appearance, (infamously the Thai tourist board used a picture of one of the Hebridean islands in its tourist brochure) but this is where the similarity ends. When the wind blows and the rain comes in, they […]

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