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Walk of the Week: Madeira – The Flower Island

6 Dec , 2016  

Year-round sunshine warms the lush green island of Madeira which is much closer to Africa than it is to Europe – even though it is a part of Portugal. The island is brimming with tropical plants and beautiful flowers which bloom around the network of waterways known as ‘levadas’ that traverse the island. The rugged coastline with […]


Walk of the Week

Walk of the Week: Camino Portugués

15 Apr , 2015  

Probably the least explored country of western Europe, Portugal still hides its radiant light under a bushel.  While the Algarve gets all the plaudits and tourism, the rest of the country keeps itself to itself, with the grandeur of Spain always casting its shadow on its skinny cousin.   However, this just means that there […]