Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day Four:The First Dram | Ballindaloch to Glenlivet

30 Apr , 2013  

Over the hills to Glenlivet: a narrow track up and up, through the heather. The snow had drifted deep into the track, a thin crust of it that held then broke, sinking me to the calves.   Plates of ice covered the boggy hollows. I smashed them with my boot: “Spring is here, haven’t you […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day Two: The Road Out

26 Apr , 2013  

I pulled back the curtains to see a grey dawn and sprinkling of overnight snow. What a contrast to yesterday! Aviemore seemed grey. But once out of town – and there are those cruel cruel people who say that the best thing about Aviemore is the road out – I was walking through ancient woods […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking Day One: Lou Reed on My Mind

25 Apr , 2013  

Enough about the whisky – let the walking begin. And what a beginning! After months of grey  dreary weather and freezing cold ( -7  the previous night), the sun shone on this third day of April and showed the Cairngorms in all their glory – blue sky, blue lochs, snow-capped mountains – real picture postcard […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Whisky and Walking :A Shameful Admission

22 Apr , 2013  

“Nice work if you can get it” – that was most people’s reaction when I told them I was pathfinding  for Mac’s new Whisky and Walking tour in the Cairngorms. Whisky and walking sounded an excitingly dangerous combination, as though you might lurch from distillery to distillery and well, do a bit of walking round snow-capped mountains […]

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Macs Adventure, Walking

Over 40 New Trips from Macs Adventure! Where will you be going next?

9 Dec , 2011  

Where will you be walking, eating and drinking in 2012? Choose from over 40 new walking holidays! Personally, I like to have the thought of next year’s adventure in mind as I tuck into my second helping of Christmas pudding. It just makes it so much easier to justify those little indulgences over the festive […]

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