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National Bird of Scotland – The Golden Eagle

15 Apr , 2019  

In April 2017 my wife, Laura and I walked the Glen Affric Trail from the vibrant city of Inverness to the peaceful village of Glenelg. Essentially this was a Scottish coast to coast adventure, having traditionally picked up our pebbles from the Moray Firth in the northeast and skimmed them it into the sea whilst […]

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9 of the Best Wilderness Movies

11 Aug , 2017  

Big screen films can evoke many emotions, such as excitement, anticipation, poignancy and longing, or a mix of all of these. But we think some of the best movies are the ones that inspire you to go out and do something different. Here we reveal 9 of the best films to motivate you to get […]

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Adventure of the Week – Kungsleden

9 Aug , 2017  

Sometimes we get the urge to disappear into the wilderness, to get away from the trappings of modern life for a while. This is possible in many places near where we all live, however, we are still connected in some small way. ┬áIf you truly want to get out in the wild, then the Kungsleden […]

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Our Top 5 Wilderness Trips

9 Aug , 2017  

pale blue lake sits in serene natural settings

Getting away from it all is something that we all need from time to time. Modern life fills our brains up with so much stuff, that it is necessary to just disappear into nature for a while and let your mind drift. But what if you really wanted to get away from it all, away […]

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