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Adventure of the Week: Walking in La Gomera
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11 July 2018
Adventure of the Week: Walking in La Gomera

Crowded beaches crammed with families, a sea awash with giant unicorn lilos, pasty white skin, slowly turning brown as holidaymakers drowse off their hangover in the sun.  Arid, dusty landscapes and dry, harsh volcanic landscapes. Ok, this may be a slightly over the top description of what people think of when they picture the Canary Isles, but at least a little of it rings true.  However what if we told you that there was an island in the Canaries where none of this applied. An island so lush and green, so tropical that you feel like you are in the Amazon. An isle laden with unbelievable walking trails.  Sound good?  Welcome to Walking in La Gomera.

La Gomera

There are some spectacular views on La Gomera

In a Nutshell

Distance: Around 74km of walking over six days.  We say 'around' because there are some days where you can take longer or shorter routes depending on how challenged you want to be.  Also, a couple of the days are circular walks, so if you fancy a bit of time to relax, you can just take it.

Grading: This trip is graded Moderate to Strenuous. It has some tougher walks mainly in the ascent and descent, but you would expect that climbing up and down the slopes of a (dormant) volcano. The best description of La Gomera is that of half an orange, split out into segments, so it has steep ridges and deep valleys.  The paths are rural ones that crisscross the island.  They are paths of adventure, but nothing a pair of good boots cant cope with.

San Sebastian de la Gomera San Sebastian de la Gomera

Where is it?

La Gomera is the second smallest of the Canary Islands.  The Canaries belong to Spain, but are situated off the coast of Southern Morocco, which means that the weather is delightful all year round.  La Gomera sits beside the more well-known island of Tenerife and indeed it is here you would travel to, to access La Gomera. The walking itself takes in as much of the island as we can access, with some short transfers involved to get you right out into its verdant heart.

Why walk it?

La Gomera is honestly like nowhere else on earth, and its uniqueness is a massive reason to get over there and walk it.  While you could take some kind of driving tour around the island, the only way to explore its botanical depths is on foot.  There is a mysticism attached, a romantic, adventure movie feel to the island. Its isolation, coupled with its sheer magnificence makes you feel like you are uncovering the secret green heart of Mother Earth, or something like that. At some point, you will be disappointed that there are no dinosaurs in this lost world. Don't get us wrong, this is a modern, thriving island and there will be no shortage of great food, drink and amenities for you, but when you strap on your boots, and head to the interior, the dense green, the moss covered trees, hanging lianas, the humid morning mists clinging to everything gives it this otherworldly, adventurous charm.  You will explore other sides to the island too, its dramatic coastline, breathtaking arid ridges and secret swimming spots.

La Gomera

Hiking track in the rainforest of La Gomera, Canary Islands.

The weather is another draw, just because you can head here in the depths of winter and it is still massively clement, in fact, probably one of the best times of year to walk there is, avoiding the heat of the summer months.  The pace of life here is also a massive draw.  With any small island, there tends to be a completely different way of doing things than on the mainland.  We have all heard of 'island time' where everything gets done when it gets done, and the shroud of relaxation wraps itself around your shoulders as you journey across on the ferry, setting you up for a week where the modern world need not intrude.  Be prepared to read, with a glass of cava on your balcony, or spend a few hours eating tapas outdoors under palm trees.  You have been warned!

Planning and preparation

Walking in La Gomera means first getting a flight to Tenerife South, which is accessible from airports all over Europe.  From there you take a short bus journey to Port Los Cristianos and then jump on the ferry. Once you arrive in San Sebastián de La Gomera (approx 1 hour), we will pick you up and take you to your accommodation. If you have any questions about walking in La Gomera, get in touch with our team on  info@macsadventure.com, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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