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Adventure of the Week: Classic Cornwall Cycling

13 Jun , 2018  

With summer in the air, our minds turn to the seaside. While there are untold beauties hidden all around the coast of Britain, the real seaside capital of the UK is Cornwall. This ancient Celtic kingdom has a continental feel, a relaxed seaside pace of life.  However, there is so much more to Cornwall, SO […]

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Nepal Stories: the Faces Among the Mountains

8 Jun , 2018  

Nepal is known as the land of giants. Where the adventurous come to conquer mountains, which include the highest in the world, the mighty Himalayas. While the draw of raw adventure, challenging peaks and personal accomplishments bring travellers here, they often leave talking about the locals who walk among the mountains. Go beyond the guidebooks […]

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Adventure of the Week – Annapurna Foothills: Trekking in Style

6 Jun , 2018  

Nepal. It is the big, scary place to walk.  It is Mt Everest, Manaslu, Mera Peak.  It is altitude, long hard days, nights wrapped in tents. All of these things offer amazing rewards, but not everyone might be up for some hardcore trekking in Nepal. So, it is Macs Adventure to the rescue, with some […]

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Green Travel: A Guide to Travelling Responsibly

5 Jun , 2018  

Most people are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and their local community in their daily lives. But, then, when it comes to planning a holiday, excitement and aspirations can get in the way of thinking about environmental responsibilities. Green travel can be a tough nut to crack, but with a few simple tips, […]


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8 Great benefits of cycling

3 Jun , 2018  

Couple cycling

Today 3rd of June is World Bicycle Day,  a day that aims to encourage more people to get on their bikes to discover the many benefits of cycling. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of cycling! So here we reveal eight of the best benefits of cycling, for some coffee break inspiration to get you […]

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Walking the Thames Path

1 Jun , 2018  

The Thames, Britain’s most iconic river begins at its rural source in the Cotswolds and finishes in the heart of London. Why should you walk this National Trail? For its contrasting landscapes The river passes through remote countryside, small villages, large towns and through the centre of London. Therefore, if you choose to walk the […]


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Adventure of the Week: The Thames Path

30 May , 2018  

Trying to see everything a country has to offer in the space of one trip is pretty much impossible.  Everywhere has so much depth, history and highlights that you can’t quite do it all in one shot.  And while we are not going to turn around here and say that we have nailed this, we […]


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Adventure of the Week: The Slow Road to Angkor Wat

23 May , 2018  

Our Tour Development Team has been busy putting together a range of cycling tours in South East Asia that are going to showcase the very best of this part of the world, all from the saddle of your bike. Kicking this off with a range of trips in Thailand and Cambodia, we wanted to bring […]


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Hannah’s 3 Need-To-Know Tips For A Canadian Rockies Adventure

18 May , 2018  

Working in tour development means long days traveling, lots of research, a few wrong turns, and long days on the road. But, the rewards are getting to know many wonderful corners of the globe up close and personal, and that wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve created the perfect stress-free itinerary, and that all that knowledge […]


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Erin’s Whisky Tasting Notes

18 May , 2018  

As a twenty-something female, I had (until very recently) never drunk more than the mandatory drop of whisky provided at Burns’ Night suppers.  I disregarded Scotland’s national drink as for a different generation, favouring instead craft beers and cheap wine. Then, while working briefly in a distillery and despite my better efforts, I acquired not […]