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Adventure of the Week: Walking in La Gomera

11 Jul , 2018  

Crowded beaches crammed with families, a sea awash with giant unicorn lilos, pasty white skin, slowly turning brown as holidaymakers drowse off their hangover in the sun.  Arid, dusty landscapes and dry, harsh volcanic landscapes. Ok, this may be a slightly over the top description of what people think of when they picture the Canary […]

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Adventure of the Week, Macs Adventure, Walking

Adventure of the Week: Island Hopping – Naxos and Santorini

4 Jul , 2018  

Whatever we think we know, the Greeks knew it first. While they may not have had twitter, or cheese in a tube, they had pretty much everything else going on for them.  Their strength of mind and views on society are still entirely relevant to our modern society, over 2000 years later.  The Greeks were […]

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14 tips for walking in The Sun

28 Jun , 2018  

Many people enjoy a walking holiday somewhere sunny, but it’s important that you stay fit and healthy in the sunshine. Here are 14 tips for keeping cool and safe even when temperatures rise. Protect your skin. Wear a high SPF sunscreen and don’t forget the back of your neck, the tip of your ears and your […]

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Adventure of the Week: Walking and Wellness in the Black Forest

27 Jun , 2018  

The Black Forest. Either it conjures up images of rich, unctuous, Kirch-laden cake, or some kind of spooky, witch-filled fairytale land of darkness.  Well, while you can find both of these things if you really try, much of the Black Forest region could not be further from this. The Black Forest is a place to […]

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A guide to exploring Poldark’s Cornwall

26 Jun , 2018  

Cornwall’s stunning coastline is a much-beloved walking destination among the Macs Adventure staff. When walking over the South West Coast Path (SWCP), you’ll encounter a variety of landscapes along the way such as countless hidden coves, high cliffs, quaint villages, and old Mining estates. No wonder then that this beautiful English area is the backdrop […]

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Adventure of the Week, Macs Adventure, Walking

Adventure of the Week: Walking in Connemara

20 Jun , 2018  

Ireland. It conjures up such strong images of poetic beauty. Of simplicity, strong hearts and inquisitive minds and long, wild stretches of emerald countryside.  And while much of this is pure conjecture, there is a lot of truth to the stereotypical imagery we have of Ireland. Here at Macs Adventure, we are always looking for […]


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Nepal Stories: the Faces Among the Mountains

8 Jun , 2018  

Nepal is known as the land of giants. Where the adventurous come to conquer mountains, which include the highest in the world, the mighty Himalayas. While the draw of raw adventure, challenging peaks and personal accomplishments bring travellers here, they often leave talking about the locals who walk among the mountains. Go beyond the guidebooks […]

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Adventure of the Week – Annapurna Foothills: Trekking in Style

6 Jun , 2018  

Nepal. It is the big, scary place to walk.  It is Mt Everest, Manaslu, Mera Peak.  It is altitude, long hard days, nights wrapped in tents. All of these things offer amazing rewards, but not everyone might be up for some hardcore trekking in Nepal. So, it is Macs Adventure to the rescue, with some […]

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Green Travel: A Guide to Travelling Responsibly

5 Jun , 2018  

Most people are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and their local community in their daily lives. But, then, when it comes to planning a holiday, excitement and aspirations can get in the way of thinking about environmental responsibilities. Green travel can be a tough nut to crack, but with a few simple tips, […]


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Walking the Thames Path

1 Jun , 2018  

The Thames, Britain’s most iconic river begins at its rural source in the Cotswolds and finishes in the heart of London. Why should you walk this National Trail? For its contrasting landscapes The river passes through remote countryside, small villages, large towns and through the centre of London. Therefore, if you choose to walk the […]