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Scottish Rail Holidays

Scotland by Train

  • Embark on an epic Scottish rail journey
  • Watch the scenery unfold as you join up unmissable highlights
  • Travel the iconic West Highland Line, and the Glenfinnan Viaduct
  • Glide by heather-clad mountains, sea lochs, and deep glens
  • Sample local world-class whisky, and sumptuous fresh seafood
  • All itineraries are crafted using years of expertise and local knowledge

These train holidays in Scotland allow you to embark on a car-free journey around Scotland's most sought after destinations (and exceptional hidden gems), the most relaxing way possible.

We have used years of expertise in planning outstanding adventures throughout Scotland to create rail holidays which tick all the boxes, from grand castles and historic towns, to majestic mountain scenery and immense loch & glen vistas. Discover Scotland's larder; from sea-to-table fresh fish, to the nuances of each area's finest single-malt whiskies. A discovery rail tour in Scotland is an unforgettable way to experience the rich history, the drama of the landscapes, and to lose your heart to the Highlands.

Bookended by Scotland's two biggest cities, historic Edinburgh and culture-rich Glasgow, journey through Scotland's Highlands and Skye to indulge in all the ingredients of a truly great rail journey. Or, explore Scotland's Highlands over 5 days on the Classic Scotland rail tour. Our expert team will organise all the elements for a seamless adventure, leaving you to relax and watch the scenery glide by.

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Discover Scotland by Train

  • Why Embark on a Discovery Tour in Scotland?

    If you book a Discovery Tour in Scotland with Macs Adventure, not only can you really "get away from it all" and discover some genuine solitude, but you can also expect to book an itinerary that has been carefully planned. We have used our local expertise to plan a tour which is designed to cover a customer's interests and desires, whatever they may be and also offer many choices as to how long you want to explore for, whether its a long weekend or for a full two weeks. 

    • Discovery Tours enable you to "Adventure Your Way" and to embark on a self-guided exploration. We provide you with a well-thought out and creative itinerary, which gives you the skeleton plan but also gives assists with helpful tips on cultural visits and where to eat.
    • We plan the itinerary so that you don't have to. We take care of the details, booking your accommodations and a rental car (if necessary) which means that you can simply relax and surround yourself with stunning scenery!
    • Although the skeleton of the tour is planned, another great aspect to Discovery Tours is the fact that you can divert off the trail if you choose to. Perhaps there is a sign to an interesting monument or a isolated beach that you would like to discover. The choice is yours. Guided or group tours do not allow for this, but these tours offer the option for independence.
    • In our opinion, Scotland is an amazing country well-worthy of being explored. Soak in the culture, history and a multitude of myths and legends as you travel. See famous scenery that has been used in TV series or films and enjoy a meal in a Macs-recommended restaurant, a God-send when you are in a place that you don't know.
    Why Embark on a Discovery Tour in Scotland?
  • Scottish Myths & Legends

    Scotland, an ancient land in Britain's north, with landscapes so beautiful they verge on the mythical and with a tumultuous history to match the country has yielded many myths and legends. Some more fairy tale than fact, and tales of bravery and struggle that seem too incredible to be true. Why not visit this land steeped in storytelling and legend to decide for yourself?

    Robert The Bruce King of Scots (1274-1329)

    Widely regarded as Scotland's first successful monarch Robert The Bruce fought for decades to gain Scotland's independence from the English kings Edward I through to Edward III. Visit Inverness near the site of the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn, where Robert defeated the English army under Edward II. Take a trip to the Isle of Arran where he retreated before regaining faith in the independence campaign while hiding out in a cave, now called Bruce's Cave. Here he is said to have watched a spider try again and again to construct a web sturdy enough to withstand the Scottish weather. Or explore the charming town of Melrose with it's spectacular ruined abbey where Robert The Bruce's heart is interred in the Scottish Borders. 


    The Loch Ness Monster, also known as "Nessie", is perhaps Scotland's most well known myth. Many visit Loch Ness, not just for the beautiful scenery, but to try and spot the elusive creature for themselves. The first recorded sighting of a water beast in the loch was over 1500 years ago when St Columba is said to have stopped the "beast" from killing one of his followers. Many sightings followed in later years and the first supposedly credible photograph was taken in 1934, referred to as the surgeon's photograph, it was taken by a doctor who didn't wish to have his name associated with the image. Despite the image being proved a hoax you'll still find believers opposing naysayers. Why not walk the Great Glen Way, passing Loch Ness, between Fort William and Inverness and decide for yourself?

    Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734)

    A figure so steeped in folklore it is difficult to determine fact from fiction, but Rob Roy is said to be Scotland's take on Robin Hood. Branded an outlaw as a MacGregor cattleman, the MacGregor clan was the only one not pardoned after the Jacobite uprisings of 1715. Discover the truth and legends surrounding this iconic Scottish figure for yourself as you walk the Rob Roy Way through his homelands in the Trossachs National Park and beyond. 


    Creatures of ancient Scottish lore the Selkie gets its name from the old Scots words selkie/selch meaning "grey seal". However, the term was widely used to describe mermaid-like seals who could take the form of human women when they shed their seal dress (or seal skin). On the Orkney and Shetland isles it is said that some men stole the seal skins of selkies to make them their wives and have a family until the selkie, in its human form, found its skin and returned to the sea where it longed to be. Other similar stories can also be found in the Faroe Isles and Iceland. 

    Scottish Myths & Legends
  • Discover Scottish Seafood

    In the past deep-fried fish and scampi is what most people would label as seafood in Scotland. Whilst still popular in fish and chip shops there has been a seafood evolution in Scotland in recent times. These days Scottish seafood is fresh, delicious and cooked in a variety of different and creative ways. Perhaps you have been driving through the Highlands to Oban and you come across a seafood hut (yes there is one!) serving fresh mussels in white wine. Whilst there will be no frills and the food will no doubt be served on a paper plate, all of this mouth-watering seafood is protein-packed and guilt-free.

    Seafood in Scotland has obviously come a long way since the days of fry ups and there are a whole variety of fresh seafood that is now available. There is even an organisation that promotes it - Seafood From Scotland. Here is a list of seafood that you should definitely try:

    • Oysters from the Loch Fyne Oyster Farm
    • Mussels from Scotland's West Coast and Shetland
    • Wild Scottish Langoustines from the cold clear waters of the North Atlantic
    • Wild Salmon from all over Scotland and available between June and August
    • Isle of Mull Scallops
    • Lemon Sole from Anstruther, Fife

    Where can you eat this delicious bounty of seafood? Here is a list of famous seafood restaurants, cafes and huts:

    • Oban Seafood Hut - Oban
    • Crabshakk - Finnieston, Glasgow
    • Digby Chick - Stornaway, Isle of Harris
    • Janie's - Isle of Arran
    • Reilly Shellfish - Crail, Fife
    • The Seafood Shack - Ullapool
    • Cafe Kisimul - Isle of Barra
    • The Oyster Shed Farm Shop - Isle of Skye

    A Scotland Discovery Tour offers the perfect situation to try Scottish seafood depending on which itinerary you choose. Since you will be travelling at your own pace, you can, if you wish, make it a priority to stop at some of these recommended eateries, which will not disappoint, but where your tastebuds will be titillated!

    Discover Scottish Seafood
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