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Macs Adventure Community

Our Macs Adventure Community is a group on Facebook where over 12,500 members (and growing!) of passionate adventurers who share tips, exchange stories and support each other.

“It's a positive place where like-minded travellers can interact and share advice and tips, and it's full of inspiration.”
-Fran, Marketing Operations Manager

Why should you join?

Well firstly, the magic word here is ‘community’ and it’s certainly that. This is a group of individuals all with one thing in common – their passion for active travel - and they just so happen to love travelling with us too!

They're there for each other with suggestions, updates and advice as well as sharing stories and pics of their recent adventures. They’re truly inspiring to us, as well as each other.

Whether you’re an adventure newbie who perhaps needs a boost of encouragement and confidence, a solo adventurer looking for tips or support, or you’re simply asking for recommendations on where to go next, the tight-knit network of fellow adventurers has your back.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our community members have to say...

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