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Active Holidays in France

Walking in France is a wonderful way to explore the unique regions, each with their own cultural individualities, for example, the German influence of Alsace, the wonderful vineyards of Provence or the majestic peaks of the Mont Blanc Massif.  

Taking a French cycling tour is a great way to enjoy the vibrant coastline, or in contrast, cycle the Chateaux and Gardens of the regal Loire Valley.

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Walking in France

Diversity is the watchword when discussing our Walking Holidays in France. We have so many ways to explore the exciting, multifaceted regions of France, set up to really immerse yourself and get an understanding of the French way of life. Walk in the Alps, surrounded by jagged peaks on the iconic Tour du Mont Blanc or walk through the vineyards and fields of lavender in Provence, in the knowledge that we have your back every step of the way.
Walking in France

Cycling in France

Cycling in France also delves into the rich diversity of this beautiful country. Explore the rich gastronomy of the country by cycling in the Loire Valley or rural Provence, or take a Bike & Boat trip from Paris down to Champagne and sample the wares there. You can cycle the premier wine regions of Burgundy or Bordeaux, meander along the charming Canal du Midi or immerse yourself in Galic culture in Brittany.
Cycling in France

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  • Best time to visit France?
    Best time to visit France?

    The best time to visit France depends on what you want to do, and where you want to go - as it's a vast country. Regions such as the French Alps, Loire Valley and French Riviera have their own climates. Nov-April is the winter season, the perfect time for skiing and mountain sports. Late May and June are France’s spring, a great time for walking when the spring flowers are in full bloom.  Autumn is a picture-perfect time to visit the Loire Valley. The Pyrenees is only available for hiking during the months of July – September when the snow has cleared. If you’re heading to the coast, May to July is recommended. 

    Mountains: Alps & Pyrenees

    July, August and September are the months to travel when the snow is gone, and the risk of avalanche is minimal. The French Alps are a haven for avid mountaineers and hikers that want to tick off those classic bucket-list adventures. At Macs Adventure our most popular trip is the Tour du Mont Blanc you can find out why here.  

    Top Tip: We recommend booking the Tour du Mont Blanc at least 6 months in advance, especially for the Classic hut-to-hut itineraries. You can find all of our Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries here.

    Loire Valley

    Autumn in the Loire Valley is a must! Although known for its fairy-tale châteauxs, and gardens this is also the land of wine. Red, White, Rose, Sparkling - it has it all. September and October is a time of tranquillity -find yourself surrounded by vineyards, wildflowers and rolling farmlands. The only noise to be heard is the snipping of grapes in the distance. 

    Top Tip: Do try Sancerre wine if possible while in the village of Sancerre. It won't disappoint.

    Provence and French Rivera

    Tuscany and Piedmont are a wine-lovers dream during harvest season. September is generally the month of the grape harvest which makes late-September and early October a great time to visit. The days are warm, and the nights are cool, and most towns in the region will have a harvest festival. It’s not difficult to find a quaint wine bar nestled within the hilltop towns, where you can soak up the buzzing atmosphere.  

    Top Tip: Expo del Chianti Classico takes place in Greve in Chianti, during the first five days of September. It’s a great opportunity to taste the best Chianti Classico wine in the area, with the possibility to visit its wine cellars. Why not tie this into our Florence to Siena or Classic Chianti trips.