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Where to go on your walking holiday in November
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15 September 2023
Where to go on your walking holiday in November

To most, November doesn’t exactly shout ‘holiday time!’. However, this month can be prime time for visiting many destinations where the cold, rain and darkness are swapped for toastier temps, blue skies and a balmy breeze. All the destinations in this feature offer temps ranging between 15 and 25 degrees, providing a sanctuary away from the approaching winter, and as a bonus, they’re usually less crowded. 


The Canary Islands 

Located just off the African west coast, the weather in the Canary Islands in November is typically shorts and t-shirt weather with sunny days all year round. As such, it’s the perfect escape during the grim winter months. These volcanic islands offer a broad variety of terrain and climates - mountains, forests and even desert. 

Our Canary Islands walking holidays take you through the botanical paradise of La Gomera and otherworldly stretches of undiscovered El Hierro. Travel across tropical valleys and rolling sand dunes in Gran Canaria and into La Palma, where fragrant laurel forests, steep crater rims and lava formations await. Or if you fancy exploring two islands in one trip, check out our Island Hopping trip which combines Tenerife and La Gomera in one epic adventure. 



November is an ideal month to visit places in the Southern Hemisphere. In Patagonia, summer has just started, and peak season is still to come. This region, roughly the size of England, France and Germany combined, is shared between Argentina and Chile. The area is renowned for its beauty and offers tall mountain tops, vast grasslands, stunning national parks and massive glaciers. Only sparsely populated, most of this land is still untouched, making it a haven for wildlife.  

Our Patagonia W-Trek tour journeys through Torres del Paine National Park where you’ll witness a panorama of mountains from the Mirador Britanico, the dramatic French Valley, the imposing Grey Glacier and vibrant turquoise lakes. 



The Algarve coast in southwest Portugal is a top choice for a November trip. While the evenings can be chilly, the days still offer temperatures of up to 20 degrees. This time of the year you can experience some lovely sunsets and with many of the tourists gone, the coast is yours to explore.  
Our Algarve walking and cycling tours take you along sandy beaches, cliff tops and abandoned fortresses. At this time of the year, in the evenings, enjoy the delicious local seafood and Portuguese specialities such as Piri Piri chicken. The Algarve is also famous for its wine production, so why not experience those famous Atlantic sunsets while drinking a glass of the local red?  

From the Algarve Coastal Trails where you’re greeted by rugged routes, quiet fishing towns and golden coves to the Rota Vicentina, a region loved by many walkers and cyclists for its diverse trails leading through forests, rural villages and along the coast. 



Highest temps average around 23 degrees making November a pretty mild month for a Cyprus walking or cycling adventure. We'd suggest taking a jumper or light jacket with you though as it can get chillier in the evening. 

Pad through peaceful forestry, stop at ancient ruins that’ll have you gaping in awe. Journey along pine-scented hiking trails to dainty villages with cobbled streets and experience delicious cuisine in local tavernas. 


New Zealand 

November brings spring in New Zealand, which means brighter nights, new blooms, and of course, warmer weather. There’s a reason why fantasy films like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia were all filmed in New Zealand - the landscapes are epic and incredibly magical! Otherworldly valleys, whimsical woodlands and stretches of verdant grasslands. Newly emerged from winter, enjoy the diverse terrain in all its glory on one of our New Zealand walking holidays. 


Malta, Gozo & Comino 

Dodge the cold snaps and head for the Mediterranean climate of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Surrounded by the glistening Med Sea, between Sicily and the north coast of Africa, this cluster of islands experiences a mix in November with some days having cloud-dappled sunlight and others when the sunshine dial is cranked all the way up. 

A time capsule of Roman, Moor, Knights Hospitaller, French and British influences, this archipelago has one of the richest histories and cultures around and often isn’t people’s first choice, but really, it should be! Our Walking on Malta and Gozo trip brings you face to face with the astounding history these empires left behind, as well as sleepy fishing towns brimming with charm and peaceful trails that serve one view after the other.  

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