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Walking Holidays in Italy

The diverse landscapes of Italy provide the perfect backdrop for a unique visit and memorable walking holiday. Walking in Italy might involve hiking between picturesque villages on Tuscan Hills, high above the sea on the Amalfi Coast, or exploring the Cinque Terre on foot. Walk among the peaks of the Dolomites and hear the calling of marmots as you discover the national parks. You can also choose to walk the Via Francigena pilgrimage route, to experience the heart of Italy as you walk towards Rome. Discover the ancient culture and fairytale Trulli houses in Puglia or watch a volcanic firework display in Sicily

Since 2008, Macs Adventure has been helping walkers to explore the wonders of Italy on foot. With the freedom to create your own itinerary and the knowledge that our team have the expertise to tailor-make this trip to perfectly suit you, you can book your walking holiday in Italy with confidence. 

Our adventures in Italy visit the hidden sights, most beautiful towns, and must-see destinations. We have carefully selected and researched our favourite walks so whatever your interests, we can arrange your ideal walking holiday in Italy.

Discover Italy on Foot

Discover Italy

  • Five Best Places to Hike in Italy
    Five Best Places to Hike in Italy

    1. Gran Paradiso - Not one of the big names in Italian tourism, Gran Paradiso is one of the most spectacular areas to hike. The Gran Paradiso National Park is Italy's oldest National Park and their most treasured. The scenery is incredible with deep valleys filled with deep sapphire coloured lakes, high jagged peaks, tiny glaciers, mountain ibex and delightful little villages. Our Classic Walks of Gran Paradiso tour lets you explore the very best of this enchanting corner of Northern Italy. 

    2. Cinque Terre - Yes, the Cinque Terre really is as beautiful and colourful as you have seen in all the pictures. (one attached for reference) Hiking trails link the five idyllic villages along this UNESCO world heritage stretch of coastline and you can spend your days exploring and jumping between towns and hiking routes on the super-efficient rail service, before eating and drinking alfresco in the evenings.  Heavenly! 

    3. The Dolomites - If you are looking for uniquely Italian mountain experience then the Dolomites is the only place to be. Hiking up into the mountain range and then walking from one vibrant mountain hut past towering spires, white-turquoise lakes and through meadows bursting with wildflowers is one of the greatest hiking experiences in Europe. Hiking in the Dolomites should be on everyone's must-walk list. 

    4. Amalfi Coast - This is where classic Italian Riviera chic meets rugged, winding hillside and coastal paths to produce a truly magical experience. The contrast of the deep blue Mediterranean and the green and burnished gold of the walking routes gives you an insight into why the longest route along the coast is named the Path of the Gods. Combining this with the stunning towns of Positano, Priano and Ravanello make the Amalfi Coast a slice of classic Italian walking. 

    5. Via Francigena - A bit of a cheat here, because the Via Francigena is not a 'place' to hike in Italy, it is more of an experience. Like the Camino de Santiago, the Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrimage route that starts off in Canterbury, England and finishes up in Rome, however, the most popular part is walking from just over the Swiss border, through the heart of Italy. The Via Francigena is entirely memorable and a great challenge that rewards you both physically and spiritually. 

  • Amalfi Coast Walking

    The Amalfi Coast is Italy's Riviera, where the chic go to relax, to eat and drink and those who are in the know, go to walk.  Networks of stunning paths line the cliffs and mountains of the Amalfi Coast and Laura went out to explore them and give you an overview of what it is like to walk on the Amalfi Coast. 

  • Walking the Cinque Terre

    The Cinque Terre is a delightful part of Italy to walk through, going from UNESCO heritage village to village.  This video gives you some guidance on how to get your Park Card to ride the trains and some top tips to make sure you get every bit of enjoyment from visiting this enchanting part of Italy.  

  • Walking the Via Francigena

    There are many great pilgrimages in Europe, the most famous of which is the Camino de Santiago.  However, there is a stunning route that goes from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy.  Here at Macs Adventure, we can set you up to walk from the Swiss/Italian border, down to Rome and this video gives you an overview of that journey.  

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