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What Should I Pack for the Camino de Santiago?

5 Dec , 2017  

What do I need to take on the Camino?

As a general rule, no matter the distance and difficulty of your Camino, you should travel light. The less you carry the more you will enjoy the experience.

Things to consider:

Planning what to take with you will largely depend on your accommodation and whether you are going to be carrying everything you need or using a baggage transfer service.

By using a baggage transfer service and choosing hotels and guesthouses your kit list will be altered, though making provisions for longer stages of a Camino are necessary, you will only carry what you would typically carry on a day walk.

Camino de Santiago Packing List

Adjust your kit according to the time of year and the route you are taking.

Example Kit List for the Camino de Santiago

(Not everything on this kit list is essential and what you take with you should always come down to personal preference)

All Pilgrims will need:

• Hat
• Short sleeve T-Shirt 1
• Long sleeve Crew Shirt
• Vest
• Rain Jacket
• Underwear
• Trousers 1
• 1 Pair of shorts
• Waterproof Trousers
• Evening wear

• Walking boots
• Soft shoes (evening)
• Socks 1
• Socks 2
• Socks 3
• Flip Flops (for waiting in the queue to receive your Compostela these are a great idea)

Backpack & Support
• Rucksack
• Trekking/Walking Poles
• Water bottle

First aid kit
• Complete first aid kit
• Blister Kit
• Toiletries

• Flashlight/torch
• Compass
• Swiss army knife
• Needle & Thread
• Scissors
• Pen & Notebook

Documents & Papers
• Passport
• Identification
• Insurance, Bank Cards
• Notebook
• Wallet
• Documents pouch
• Guidebook

Pilgrims staying in Hostels will also need:
• Sleeping Mat
• Sleeping bag
• Earplugs
• Sandals for communal showers

• Helmet
• Cycling shoes
• Cycling jacket
• 1 pair of padded tights
• Cycling gloves
• 2 underlayers
• Padded cycling shorts
• Light rain jacket
• Evening wear




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