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Cycling Holidays in France


  • See the majestic chateaux and gardens of the UNESCO listed Loire Valley.
  • Connect and chat with the locals at a bustling Provençal market
  • Dordogne, a foodie haven famed for its Périgord truffles and Rocamadour cheese
  • Cycle the verdant vineyards of Burgundy's 'Route des Grand Crus'
  • Enjoy easy cycling along the trails of the historic Canal du Midi

Romantic hilltop villages, sun-soaked vineyards, picturesque castles, exquisite wines, and delicious gastronomic cuisine await you on an independent France cycling tour with Macs Adventure. With France playing host to the world's most prestigious cycling race, it comes as no surprise that its unspoilt countryside is a haven for new and curious cyclists every year. Don't worry, though. You don't need to be lycra-clad or climb a never-ending col in the Pyrenees to have a meaningful experience.

We offer a variety of gentle self-guided cycling holidays that let you carve your own "Tour de France". Choose from a great selection of tours that enable you to discover one of the many distinctive regions it has to offer!

Discover UNESCO listed Châteaux as you ride along the easy-going Loire Valley Cycle Path, or spend your evenings savouring Burgundy's famous Pinot Noir reds and Aligoté whites. Sample a taste of Dordogne's culinary heritage at a charming gastronomic bistro. Or why not live like a local in Provence? Buy some cheese and bread at the village market for an afternoon picnic as you cycle through its lavender-scented planes. For the wine enthusiasts, head to Bordeaux and cycle through world-renowned wine estates and elegant wine villages. Or enjoy refreshing glasses of white wine from wine-sellers on the banks of the Canal du Midi

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Discover France

  • Upgrade to an E-Bike in France

    Are you unsure if your legs are up to tackling some of our more moderately graded tours in Dordogne or Provence? Do you want to make your easy-going France cycling holiday a little bit easier? Then opting for E-Bike hire is for you.

    By no means "cheating", E-Bikes are commonly being coined as the "great equaliser" in cycling, as you will still pedal the same distance, but the electric rechargeable battery is there to give you a boost when you need it. They are an excellent tool for helping you feel confident on some long days or steeper sections that you may otherwise feel unsure about.

    It's possible to upgrade to an E-Bike on almost all our cycling tours in France. However, if it's a tailored E-Biking experience you are looking for, then check out our E-Biking in Provence tour!

    Top Tip: Further to the apparent benefits, E-Bikes are actually just great fun to ride, especially on the quiet country lanes in France - that extra zip of pedal power almost takes you back to being a kid again!


    Upgrade to an E-Bike in France
  • Why Choose Macs Adventure to book your Cycling holiday in France?

    Macs Adventure has been running self-guided walking & cycling holidays in France since 2008. Our tours in France initially started with walking the Tour du Mont Blanc, which led us to seek out more and more areas where we could help people discover France on foot and bike.

    From humble beginnings, we now send over 2000 walkers and cyclists to France every year, each cycling or walking the route that excites them the most. We provide the freedom to choose your route, itinerary and travel companions and discover France at your own pace. 

    We know how daunting it can be, setting off on an adventure of this scale, and we quickly realised how important it was to have excellent partners on the ground in France to deal with any issues that you might come across. We are proud to say that we work incredibly closely with all our accommodation suppliers and luggage transfer teams, and should you have the slightest issue, they will fall over themselves to help you out. 

    We offer a unique range of cycling tours, showing a different slice of regional France. Expect comfortable, friendly overnight accommodation in local B&Bs and guesthouses. We carry your bags to lighten your load so you can concentrate on enjoying the unique culture, food and scenery of France. No hostels, no leaky tents, no heavy bags on your back, just a straightforward active holiday that you can book with confidence that we have it all covered for you. 

    Why Choose Macs Adventure to book your Cycling holiday in France?
  • Regional Cuisine of France

    Burgundy - The most famous dish is the Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy). This beef stew is made using the distinctive Burgundian red wine, which sets it apart from any other beef stews you may have tried. The beef is slow-cooked and tender, and the stew typically includes carrots, onions, garlic and a bouquet garni (bundle of thyme, parsley and bay leaves) then is garnished with pearl onions, mushrooms and bacon. Usually served with potatoes, this is the perfect hearty meal after cycling in Burgundy. 

    Provence - If you are looking for some sugary treats to eat whilst cycling in Provence, then look no further than the Calisson. These diamond-shaped sweets are made with almonds and have a marzipan consistency but with the fruity sweet taste of melon. So stock up and pretend just like they will make it home as gifts! 

    Loire - Tarte Tatin, the story goes that two sisters accidentally created the Tarte Tatin at the Hotel Tatin in Lamotte-Beuvron, which they ran in the centre of the Loire Valley in the 1880s. There are many variations of the story, but the most popular is that one of the sisters was trying to make an apple pie but was overworked that day and left the apples cooking in butter and sugar too long. She then tried to save the dish when she smelt burning by putting the pastry base on top of the apples in the pan then finishing it in the oven. When she took it out, she flipped it upside down so that the apples were on the top then served it to the guests, who loved the new dessert, much to her surprise. 

    Dordogne - Fraise du Perigord are strawberries grown in the Dordogne region of France and must meet strict criteria to be sold. From sugar content to shine, the strawberries are put through their paces! They have an intensely sweet flavour and must be shipped 48 hours after harvest. So if you are full of deliciously rich food but still have some room for a light dessert, then why not buy some strawberries and ice cream? They won't be hard to find in this strawberry showcasing region. 

    Regional Cuisine of France


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